Sustainable Campus

The SUSTech campus sits in the rolling hills of Nanshan District in the bustling city of Shenzhen. The natural and tranquil environment combines perfectly with the modern style of Shenzhen and its convenient location. With the campus covering an area of nearly 2 million square meters, there is plenty of room for students to cogitate and consider their research, or relax and enjoy their lives on campus. By placing ourselves among glorious greenery, we can partake in the gorgeous flora and fauna that naturally occurs in Guangdong Province.

Our campus is not just green in appearance, but we are working hard to get as close as possible to zero emissions and follow environmentally friendly policies. It is our responsibility as members of society to provide a better environment for our future generations.



The One-hundred-year Old  Fu Guang Tree (Big Banyan) 

Bird View of the Campus

SUSTC Stone : A stone which has the inscription of the university 's name.

Adminstration Building

 The No.1 Teaching Building

The No. 1 Research Building

The Core Labs

Sport Center

Residential Colleges