CAS Hundred-Talent Program

Talent Program

CAS Hundred Talent Program

The Chinese Academy of Sciences launched the Hundred-Talent Program in 1994. It is a major project for the CAS when it comes to recruiting outstanding talents overseas. The program is split into three subprograms, namely Academic Leaders, Technological Excellence and Young Talents. The Academic Leaders is focusing on the eminent leading scientists, the Technological Excellence is subject to outstanding engineers and technicians, and the Young Talents is aiming at fine young scientists with great potentials.


Name Position Department Year
LIANG Jiansheng Professor Biology 2003
LIU Qingsong
Professor Ocean Science and Engineering 2007
CHEN Yonglong Associate Professor Biology 2009
WANG Tao Associate Professor Biology 2012
JIANG Xingyu
Chair Professor Biomedical Engineering 2008