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Kun Qian
Assistant Professor

Dr. Qian joined the College of Business at the Southern University of Science and Technology in 2022 as an assistant professor in marketing. He is a quantitative modeler with substantive research interests in content economy, digital platforms, digital marketing, and behavioral economics. His work on how platforms should design revenue-sharing plans for competitive online content creators has been published on Management Science.


Work Experience

Assistant Professor, Department of Information Systems and Management Engineering, College of Business, Southern University of Science and Technology, 2022-present



Ph.D., Management Science (Marketing Concentration), The University of Texas at Dallas, 2017-2022

M.Sc., Marketing, The University of Arizona, 2015-2016

B.B.A., Accounting, Harbin Institute of Technology, 2011-2015


Research Interests

· Substantive: Content Economy, Digital Platforms, Digital Marketing, Behavioral Economics

· Methodological: Applied Game Theory, Empirical Modeling, Quasi-experiment


Research Publication

· Jain, S. & Qian, K. (2021). Compensating online content producers: A theoretical analysis. Management Science, 67(11), 7075-7090.


Working Papers

1. Digital content creation: An analysis of the impact of recommendation systems (with Sanjay Jain)

2. The power of star creators: Evidence from the live streaming industry (with Ying Xie)