Gongming Qian

Dr Gongming Qian is the Tenured Full Professor of the Southern University of Science and Technology and the former head of the Department of Management of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He obtained his Ph.D. degree in economics and management from the Management School of Lancaster University, the United Kingdom. He has served for several international and domestic academic bodies, including member of the editorial board of the UTD journal and academic advisors on China’s domestic academic journals; co-chairman of the mainstream international academic conference; and academic reviewer for journals and public policy research schemes in mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Europe and the United States. He was invited to present the papers in mainstream international conferences and deliver keynote speeches in over 30 countries and regions. His research areas are broad, and his research achievements are outstanding with over 50 academic publications including the Journal of International Business Studies, Strategic Management Journal, Journal of Business Venturing, Journal of Management Studies and Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice. His work has received the best paper award and has been recognized as a top cited paper by Wiley. He is widely known throughout the country.

Over the past three years, Professor Qian has achieved outstanding results in research on the“Belt and Road Initiative”- China's national “go-out” strategy. The co-authored paper entitled "The Belt and Road Initiative, Cultural Friction and Ethnicity: Their Effects on the Export Performance of SMEs in China" was published in the Journal of World Business, the first empirical work appearing in mainstream international journals and winning the Silver Award for Best Phenomenon-based Paper Runner up. The co-authored “perspective” paper entitled “Foreign direct investment along the Belt and Road: A political economy perspective”in the Journal of International Business Studies, the first theory paper appearing in the top-tier international journals. Meanwhile, he has co-edited the two special issues for the prestigious international journals, the Journal of International Business Policy and Asia Pacific Journal of Management, their titles being “Belt and Road Initiative”: How policy changes affect global competition and cooperation for multinational enterprises in the new international business environment” and “The Belt and Road Initiative, globalization and institutional changes: Implications for firms in Asia”, respectively. These special issues are among the first to be published in the mainstream international journals.

Professor Qian has taught undergraduates, master and doctoral programs at home and overseas, the courses covering Introduction to International Business, Multinational Enterprise Management, Business Policy and Strategic Management, International Financial Management, Multinational Banking and Management, and Research Methodology. Meanwhile, he has also taught Taiwan and mainland MBA and EMBA programs and been well received by the students concerned.


Research Interests

International business, international strategy, and entrepreneurship


Education Background

PhD in Economics and Management, Lancaster University School of Management

Master of International Economics, Xiamen University

Bachelor of Foreign Languages, Xiamen University


Journal Publications

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