YANG Shuanghua
Chair Professor

Research Area:

Internet of Things, Cyber-Physical Systems, Wireless sensor networks, Safety Critical Systems, Data science

Educational Background

◆ 1988-1991, Zhejiang University, PhD in Systems Engineering

◆ 1983-1986, Petroleum University of China, MSc in Control Engineering

◆ 1979-1983, Petroleum University of China, BSc in Measurement and Control

Professional Experience

◆2016- present, Southern University of Science and Technology, Chair Professor

◆2014-2016, Loughborough University, Head of Department of Computer Science

◆2006-2014, Loughborough University, Professor in Computer Science

◆2003-2006, Loughborough University, Senior Lecturer

◆2000-2003, Loughborough University, Lecturer

◆1998-1999, Loughborough University, University Research Fellow

◆1997-1998, Loughborough University, Research Associate

◆1995-1996, University of Leeds, Visiting Research Fellow

◆1991-1994, Zhejiang University, Associate Professor/Post-doctoral Researcher

◆1986-1988, Petroleum University of China, Lecturer/Assistant Lecturer

Honors & Awards

◆ Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (2016)

◆ Loughborough Energy Medal for Outstanding Research Project (2015)

◆ Doctor of Science (2014)

◆ Fellow of the Institute of Engineering and Technology (2014)

◆ Pandeng Scholar of Liaoning Province of China (2013)

◆ Honeywell Prize of the Institute of Measurement and Control (2010)

◆ Fellow of the Institute of Measurement and Control (2006)

◆ Senior Member of IEEE (2003)

Selected Publication

Research Monographs

1.Yang S.H., “Wireless Sensor Networks - Principles, Design and Applications”, Springer, 289 pages, 2014, ISBN: 978-1-4471-5504-1.

2. Yang, S.H., “Internet-based control systems design and applications”, Springer, 201 pages, 2011, ISBN 978-1-84996-358-9.

3.Yang, H., and Yang, S.H., “ZigBee RFID Sensor Networks: Design and Practice in Resource Monitoring and Tracking for Logistics Centre Management”, 232 pages, 2012, Lap Lambert Academic Publishing, ISBN: 978-3847379119.

4.Alhmiedat, T. and Yang, S.H., “Tracking mobile targets through wireless sensor networks”, Lap Lambert Academic Publishing, 138 pages, 2011, ISBN: 978-3844334609.

Research papers

1.Huang, S., Zhou, C., Xiong, N., Yang, S. H., Qin, Y. and Zhang, Q., (2016) A General Real-Time Control Approach of Intrusion Response for Industrial Automation Systems, IEEE Transactions on Systems, man, and Cybernetics: Systems, 46(8), pp.1021-1035.

2.Yao, X., Wang, W., Yang, S.H., (2016) Joint Parameter Optimization for Perpetual Nano-networks and Maximum Network Capacity, IEEE Transactions on Molecular, biological, and multi-scale communications, in press.

3.Zhou, C., Huang, S., Xiong N, and Yang, S.H. (2015) Design and analysis of multi-model based anomaly intrusion detection systems for complex industrial processes, IEEE Transactions on Systems, man, and Cybernetics: Systems, 45(10), pp. 1345-1360.

4.Chen, X, I. Akinyemi and S. H. Yang, (2016) A control theoretic approach to achieve proportional fairness in 802.11e EDCA WLANs, Computer Communications,

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6.Koyuncu, H., and Yang, S.H. (2015) Improved adaptive localization approach for indoor positioning by using environmental thresholds with wireless sensor nodes, IET Wireless Sensor Systems, 5(3), pp.157-165.

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9.Yao, X.W., Wang, W.L., Wu, T.C., Yao, X.M., and Yang, S.H., “A novel hybrid slot allocation mechanism for 802.11e EDCA protocol”, Information Processing Letters, 114, 2014, pp. 25-30.

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