AN Song
Research Associate Professor


An Song, former chief engineer of the company's largest dynamic positioning system supplier (Kongsberg Maritime A.S.). Master of Tsinghua University, Ph.D., Research Center for Marine and Marine Structures, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Ph.D., from the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Professor Odd M. Faltinsen, Foreign Academician of the American Academy of Engineering, specializing in the design and manufacture of ships and marine structures, research areas: ships and oceans Engineering hydrodynamics; potential flow theory of wave and ocean structure interaction; free surface effect of immersed apertured objects; marine construction. After graduating from the Ph.D., he worked as the chief engineer for five years of research and development at the largest overseas dynamic positioning system supplier (Kongsberg Maritime AS). He participated in the product design, core software development and system debugging application of the company's next-generation dynamic positioning system. Theoretical basis of dynamic positioning system and experience in large-scale software development and maintenance



Educational Background

B.S., civil engineering College. Tongji University, 2004.
M.S., Department of Water Resources and Hydropower Engineering. Tsinghua University, 2007.
Ph.D., Marine Engineering. Norwegian University of Technology, 2012.



Professional Experience

2018.01- SUSTech

2012.09-2016.11 Kongsberg Maritime A.S.,chief engineer








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[2] Song An*, Odd M. Faltinsen. Linear free-surface effects on a horizontally submerged and perforated 2D thin plate in finite and infinite water depths. Applied Ocean Research 37 (2012) 220–234. http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.apor.2012.04.006.