Research Associate

Joined the SUSTech Business School in 2019。Her main research directions are in the areas of Behavioral Economics,Experimental Economics,Experimental Finance.

Educational Background:

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Ph.D in Economics, 2019

Cornell University, Master in Applied Economics and Management, 2014

Renmin University of China, Bachelor in Economics, 2012


Behavioral Economics
Experimental Economics
Experimental Finance

Journal Papers:
Chen, X. and Zhao, X. (2019). How time flies! Working paper, available at: https://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=3285834

Chen, X., Hong, F. & Zhao, X. (2019). Concentration and Variability of Forecasts in Artificial Investment Games: An Online Experiment on WeChat, Experimental Economics, forthcoming.

Chen, X., Kaiser, H. M. & Rickard, B. J. (2015). The Impacts of Inclusive vs. Exclusive Taxes on Healthy Eating: An Experimental Study, Food Policy, 56, 13-24.