CHEN Wendong
Research Assistant Professor


2009/09-2015/01, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Analytical Chemistry, Doctor

2005/09-2009/06, Zhengzhou University, College of physics and Engineering, Bachelor


Work Experience

2017/11- up to now, Southern University of Science and Technology, SUSTech Academy for Advanced Interdisciplinary Studies, Research Assistant Professor

2015/03-2017/10, Southern University of Science and Technology, Chemistry Department, Postdoctor


Research Areas

New proteomics techniques based on biological mass spectrometry are studied and applied to biomedical direction such as tumor microenvironment. Specifically, integrated, automated, and miniaturized proteomic device and platform are developed to significantly improve the sensitivity, throughput, and accuracy. At present, the integrated proteomics sample pretreatment technique and high sensitive phosphoproteomics analysis method has been developed to significantly improve the depth of proteome profiling and phosphorylation sites identification (especially phosphotyrosine sites) from micrograms of samples.



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