Xiuhao Deng
Associate Researcher

Research Field

Driven quantum dynamics (quantum control, open quantum system, Time crystal), Qubit realization (Superconducting qubit, spin qubits and other solid state qubits, Hybrid qubit, Qubit networking, opto-mechanics, quantum error corretion), Quantum algorithm (Quantum simulation, quantum annealing)


Educational Background

2009.9-2015.8  Ph.D. in Physics, University of California, Merced

2006.9-2009.7  Graduate student in AMO physics, University of Science and Technology of China

2001.9-2005.7  B.S. in Theoretical physics, University of Science and Technology of China


Working Experience

2018.9—Now    Shenzhen Institute of Quantum Science and Engineering, 副研究员的英文怎么弄?

2016.4--2018.8   Virginia Tech (Postdoc)

2015.9--2016.4   University of California, Merced (Research assistant)

2011.9--2015.8   University of California, Merced (Teaching Fellow)


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