Dong Xuan

Dong Xuan, lecturer,

Bachelor: Renmin University of China

PhD: School of public management, Tsinghua University


Dr. Xuan is mainly engaged in public management and industry development. Based on the investigation of different types of financial institutions and multiple case studies, this paper explains why after the reform of the management system of rural credit cooperatives in 2003, rural credit cooperatives can turn from long-term decline to long-term prosperity; based on the analysis of the relationship between rural finance and urban-rural areas in the 60 years since the founding of the people's Republic of China, this paper puts forward the "China's Enigma" that rural finance lags behind China's development, and based on the transformation from extracting rural areas to back feeding rural areas Based on the investigation and research of agricultural production trusteeship of supply and marketing cooperatives, this paper explains why the new path of China's agricultural modernization, service scale, can come into being.

Research fields: industrial development, hybrid organizational governance, rural finance.


Dr. Xuan is mainly responsible for the ideological and political theory teaching task of undergraduates. Combined with personal research results, he has set up a compulsory course for undergraduates, "Introduction to Mao Zedong Thought and theoretical system of socialism with Chinese characteristics". The whole course teaching runs through practical and realistic ideological methods, helping the same students to firm the correct political direction and rationally analyze the rise of China from different perspectives.

[main course]

1. Undergraduate required course: introduction to Mao Zedong Thought and theoretical system of socialism with Chinese characteristics (autumn 2019)


Dr. Xuan is mainly engaged in the research of rural industrial development and public policy analysis. His academic publications include:

1. Based on the political and economic analysis of China's rural financial development since the founding of the people's Republic of China, the paper explains the "mystery of China's rural finance", which was published in modern China (SSCI, Q2).

2. For the governance of mixed organizations with the nature of government and enterprise, it contributes to the basic theoretical framework and explains why mixed organizations exist widely. The article is published in the Journal of Public Management (CSSCI, influencing factor: 3.766).

3. Based on the investigation and Research on the process of rural policy-making and implementation in China, we have developed the relevant theories of public policy and published articles in CSSCI (impact factor: 1.714), CSSCI (impact factor: 3.187) as the first author.

4. Based on the comparative analysis of domestic and international top cities, the paper analyzes the policy meaning and implementation path of Shenzhen's construction of a global benchmarking city. The paper “how to build a global benchmarking city” was selected into the proceedings of the 11th Shenzhen academic annual conference.

In addition, as a member of the research group, Mr. Dong Xuan participated in the following research projects:

1. The major project of NSFC "Research on the governance of network culture security from the perspective of ideology".

2. The National Natural Science Foundation Project "Research on the selective implementation of financial support policies for agriculture under multiple objectives".

3. The National Natural Science Foundation Project "Research on one family, two systems and social self-protection under the threat of food safety".

4. Research project "Research on the overall development of regional talents" by the Organization Department of the Central Committee.

5. Entrusted by the general office of the people's Government of Guangdong Province, the project "2018 Guangdong provincial government website evaluation index research, data collection and report writing".