Associate Professor

Research Interest
Quantum Information Theory
Information Thermodynamics
Energy Harvesting
Quantum Machine Learning
Foundations of Quantum Theory

Educational Background
2008 Ph.D. Physics Imperial College, London
2004 M.Sc. Physics Imperial College, London (first class honours)
1999 Bilingual International Baccalaureate Kungsholmens Gymnasium, Stockholm

Professional Experience
Jun 2017-Now Assoc. Prof. Department of Physics, SUSTech
Oct 2016-Apr 2017 Res. Assoc. QOLS, Physics Dept, Imperial College
Jan 2014- Apr 2017 Research Fellow Wolfson College, Oxford University (OU)
Jan 2013- Apr 2017 Lecturer St. Catherine’s College, OU.
Sep 2015- Apr 2017 Fellow London Inst. for Math. Sci.
Jan 2014-Sep 2016 Res. Assoc. Atomic and Laser Physics, OU.
Aug 2010-Dec 2013 Research Fellow, NUS Singapore and OU.,
Dec 2007-Aug 2010 Wissenschaftl.Mitarb. R. Renner group ITP, ETH Zurich

2015 Fellow of London Institute for Mathematical Sciences
2014 Research Fellow of Wolfson College, Oxford University
2003 Nuffield foundation grant for summer project in high-energy physics, Imperial/CERN
2002/3 Prize, Imperial’s Ideas Challenge & 3rd place team, Lee Kuan Yew global business plan competition
1999 Scholarship for academic excellence, Kungsholmens Gymnasium, Stockholm

Selected Publications
1. Lin, Y. L. and O. Dahlsten (2016). Tunnelling necessitates negative Wigner function. arXiv, arXiv:1607.01764.
2. Browne, C., T. Farrow, O. Dahlsten, and V. Vedral (2016). Organic molecule fluorescence as an experimental test-bed for quantum jumps in thermodynamics. Sent by editor of Nature Communications to referees.
3. Vidrighin, M. D., O. Dahlsten, M. Barbieri, M. S. Kim, V. Vedral, and I. A. Walmsley (2016). Photonic Maxwell’s Demon. Phys. Rev. Lett., Editors Sugg. 116 (5), 050401.
4. Dahlsten, Choi, Braun, Garner, and Vedral (2015). Equality for worst-case work at any protocol speed. Conditionally accepted in NJP, arXiv:1504.05152.
5. Dahlsten, O. C. O., A. Garner, and V. Vedral (2014). How uncertainty enables non-classical dynamics in an interferometer. Nature Communications (5), 4592.
6. Garner, A., M. Mueller, and O. Dahlsten (2014). The quantum bit from relativity of simultaneity on an interferometer. e-print, arXiv:1412.7112.
7. Yunger-Halpern, N., A. Garner, O. Dahlsten, and V. Vedral (2014). Unification of fluctuation theorems and one-shot statistical mechanics. e-print, arXiv:1409.3878.
8. Yunger-Halpern, N., A. Garner, O. Dahlsten, and V. Vedral (2015). Introducing one-shot work into fluctuation relations. New J. Phys. 17, 095003.
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