Yuejin Guo
Research Professor

Professor Yuejin  Guo graduated from the California Institute of Technology with a degree in physical chemistry. He was a senior engineer at Intel Corporation of the United States. He joined Southern University of Science and Technology in 2018 and is a research professor at the School of Microelectronics.



Bachelor of Science / B.S. 1978/02-1982/01 China Jilin University Semiconductor Materials

Master of Science / M.Sc. 1982/02-1985/01 China Jilin University Physical Chemistry

Doctor of Science / Ph.D. 1986/06-1992/06 United States California Institute of Technology Physical Chemistry


Working Experiences

Research Professor 2018/11-present China Southern University of Science and Technology

Co-founder 2016/09-present China Shenzhen Xiuyuan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Postdoctoral 1992/06-1994/04 United States California Institute of Technology

Postdoctoral 1994/04-1995/10 United States Los Alamos National Laboratory

Senior Engineer 1995/10-2010/01 United States Intel Corporation


Research introduction

Quantum chemistry and molecular dynamics methods study the electrical, thermal, and mechanical properties of materials.

Development and mass production of high-performance integrated circuit chip packages.

R&D and mass production of packaging processes and materials such as wire bonding, flip chip, and fanout.



Received ten Intel Department Division Awards (Divisional award)



1988/02 Electronic structure and valence-bond band structure of cuprate superconducting materials. Science 1988, 239 (4842), 896-899 Y. Guo, J-M. Langlois, and W. A. Goddard III
1989/01 Magnon-Exchange Pairing and Superconductivity, Science 1989, 243 (4890), 547-548 G. Chen, J-M. Langlois, Y. Guo, and W. A. Goddard III
1991/06 Prediction of fullerene packing in C60 and C70 crystals, Nature 1991, 351, 464 - 467. Y. Guo, N. Karasawa, and W. A. Goddard III
1993/06 Electron-Phonon Interactions and Superconductivity in K3C60,Phys. Rev. B 1993, 48 (18), 13959-13970 G. Chen, Y. Guo, N. Karasawa, and W. A. Goddard III
1995/05 Is carbon nitride harder than diamond? No, but its girth increases when stretched (negative Poisson ratio),Chemical Physics Letters 1995, 237 (1-32), 72-76. Y. Guo and W. A. Goddard III
2000/08 Flip-Chip Technology on Organic Pin Grid Array Packages,Intel Technology Journal, Lii, M. Sankman, B., Azimi, H., Yeoh, H. & Guo, Y.