HONG Xiaoping
Assistant Professor

Dr. Xiaoping Hong received bachelor degree from HKUST in 2009, and PhD from UC Berkeley in 2014, both in physics. Dr. Xiaoping Hong has rich experience in interdisciplinary research and engineering. He led the sensor research and development as a Senior Scientist at Honeywell in Silicon Valley. He joined DJI in 2016 as the Head of Optoelectronics Department and led the R&D and manufacturing of the optoelectronic modules and products. Dr. Xiaoping Hong’s research was published on several top journals. He was also granted multiple international patents.


Research Area

Sensor design and application for mobile robot

Novel optical imaging and machine vision

Sensor algorithms and system integration


Working Experience

2019 – Present  Assistant Professor, SDIM, SUSTech

2016 – 2019  Fellow DJI Research, Director Optoelectronics Division, Product Manager, DJI (Shenzhen)

2014 – 2016  Senior Research Scientist, Honeywell (San Jose, California)


Education Background

2009 – 2014  PhD, UC Berkeley

2005 – 2009  Bachelor, HKUST



Selected publications with * denotes equal contribution.

Z Shi*, X Hong*, H Bechtel, B Zeng, M Martin, K Watanabe, T Taniguchi, YR Shen, F Wang, Observation of a Luttinger-liquid plasmon in metallic single-walled carbon nanotubes, Nature Photonics (2015)

J Kim*, X Hong*, C Jin, SF Shi, CY Chang, MH Chiu, LJ Li, F Wang, Ultrafast Generation of Pseudo-magnetic Field for Valley Excitons in WSe2 Monolayers, Science (2014)

X Hong*, J Kim*, SF Shi*, Y Zhang, C Jin, Y Sun, S Tongay, J Wu, Y Zhang, F Wang, Ultrafast Charge Transfer in Atomically Thin MoS2/WS2 Heterostructures, Nature Nanotechnology (2014)

K Liu*, X Hong*, S Choi, C Jin, RB Capaz, J Kim, S Aloni, W Wang, X Bai, SG Louie, E Wang, F Wang, Systematic Determination of Absolute Absorption Cross-section of Individual Carbon Nanotubes, PNAS (2014)

K Liu*, X Hong*, Q Zhou, C Jin, J Li, W Zhou, J Liu, E Wang, A Zettl, F Wang, High-throughput Imaging and Spectroscopy of Individual Carbon Nanotubes in Devices with Light Microscopy, Nature Nanotechnology (2013)

IV Pechenezhskiy*, X Hong*, GD Nguyen*, JE Dahl, RM Carlson, F Wang, MF Crommie, Infrared spectroscopy of molecular submonolayers on surfaces by infrared scanning tunneling microscopy: tetramantane on Au (111), PRL (2013)

X Hong*, X Shen*, M Gong, F Wang, Broadly tunable mode-hop-free mid-infrared light source with MgO: PPLN continuous-wave optical parametric oscillator, Optics Letters (2012)