Associate Professor

Dr. Wei Huang, M.S. in Physics, and Ph.D. in Biomedical Sciences, was a postdoctoral fellow at NIDDK, NIH,and a Research Assistant Professor at Departments of Physics and Biochemistry, The University of Hong Kong before join SUSTC as an Associate Professor in August 2013. Dr. Huang is dedicated to multidisciplinary research of biology and physics, published on diverse journals such as Science, Review of Scientific Instruments, Biochemistry, Molecular Endocrinology, and Phyiscal Review Letters. He mainly focused on characterization of cell differentiation and biological pattern formation using combination of quantitative biology experimental and theoretical approaches.

Research Interests
Multidisciplinary reseacrh of biology, physics and engineering,including biophysics, systems biology, quantitative biology, synthetic biology, biological pattern formation, stem cells and regenerative medicine.

Professional Experience
2013-present: Associate Professor, Department of Biology, Southern University of Science and Technology of China
2009-2013: Research Assistant Professor,Departments of Physics and Biochemistry, The University of Hong Kong
2004-2009: Postdoctoral Fellow, NIDDK,NIH
2003-2004: Postdoctoral Visiting Fellow, NIDDK, NIH

Educational Background
2003, Ph.D., Physiology, Biophysics and Molecular Medicine, Weill Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, Cornell University, Advisor: Dr. Marvin Gershengorn
1995, M.S.,Modern Physics, USTC, advisor: Prof. Chuangxuan Yu
1993, B.S.,Modern Physics, USTC, advisor: Prof. Weixing Ding

Honors & Awards
Outstanding research output award, HKU Faculty of Medicine, 2012
Natural Science Second Prize, Chinese Academy of Science, 1994

Representative Publications
1. Lizhong Liu, Wei Huang, and Jian-dong Huang, “Synthetic circuits that process multiple light and chemical signal inputs “, BMC Systems Biology, 11(1) 5, (2017)
2. WenJie Wei, Wei Huang, and Jianbo Yue, “Requirement of IP3 Receptor 3 (IP3R3) in Nitric Oxide induced Cardiomyocyte Differentiation of Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells”,Experimental Cell Research, 346, 9-16 (2016)
3. Xibin Lu and Wei Huang, “PiggyBac Mediated Multiplex Gene Transfer in Mouse Embryonic Stem Cell”, PLoS One, 9(12), e115072 (2014)
4. Xiongfei Fu and Wei Huang, “Quantitative Measurement and Analysis in a Synthetic Pattern Formation Multicellular System”, in “Engineering Multicellular Systems”, edited by Lianhong Sun and WenyingShou, Methods in Molecular Biology, Vol 1151, Humana Press, 2014
5. Sihong Li, Xiaodong Cui and Wei Huang, “High Resolution Autofocus for Spatial Temporal Biomedical Research”, Review of Scientific Instruments, 84,114302-6(2013).
6. Chenli Liu, Xiongfei Fu, Lizhong Liu, Xiaojing Ren, Carlos K.L. Chau, Sihong Li, Lu Xiang, Hualing Zeng, Guanhua Chen, Lei-Han Tang, Peter Lenz, Xiaodong Cui, Wei Huang*, Terence Hwa*, Jian-Dong Huang*,“Sequential stripe formation in a growing cell population from density-dependent motility”, Science 334, 238-241 (2011). *Co-corresponding authors.