LI Shuai
Research Associate Professor

Study Experience

2008-2013     Institute of Physics, CAS    PhD

2004-2008     Sichuan University    Bachelor


Work Experience

2018.04-present     SUSTech    Research Assistant Professor

2016.11-2018.03    Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.    Senior Engineer

2013.08-2016.10   Physics & Astronomy Department, UNLV    Postdoc


Research Area

Dr. Shuai Li is studying solid state ion materials and devices since she was purchasing her PhD degree in IOP, CAS. Her research background is electrochemistry and condensed matter physics. She is focusing on solid oxide fuel cell, solid electrolyte materials and lithium metal batteries studies.



Class-C of“Shenzhen overseas high-level talents Program”(Peacock Plan Class-C)



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  6. Asif Mahmood, Shuai Li, Zeeshan Ali, Ruqiang Zou, Yusheng Zhao, et al., “Ultrafast Sodium/Potassium ion intercalation into hierarchically porous thin carbon shells”, Mater., 1805430 (2018), 1-10