LI Wenyang
Research Assistant Professor

Dr. Wenyang Li is a research assistant professor in the laboratory of Professor Hongwei Guo in Department of Biology at SUSTech. He is interested in plant hormone and plant RNA.

Research Interests:

◆Plant hormone signal transduction and signaling networks
◆mRNA translational control of gene expression during conditions of plant-environment interaction

Professional Experience:
◆ 2017.01-now, Research Assistant Professor, Department of Biology, SUSTech
◆ 2013.07-2016.12, Postdoctoral Fellow, Center for Life Sciences, Peking University

Educational Background:
◆ 2007.09-2013.06 Ph.D., Plant Biology, College of Life Sciences, Peking University
◆ 2003.07-2007.06 B.S., Agriculture, College of Agriculture, Shandong Agriculture University

Honors & Awards:
◆ 2015 Outstanding Postdoctoral Fellowship, Peking University

Selected Publication:
◆ Li, W.#, Ma, M.#, Feng, Y., Li, H., Wang, Y., Ma, Y., Li, M., An, F., and Guo, H. * (2015). EIN2-directed translational regulation of ethylene signaling in Arabidopsis. Cell 163, 670-683. (# co-first author)
◆ Li, W. #, Ma, M. #, and Guo, H. * (2013). Advances in the action of plant hormone ethylene. Scientia Sinica Vitae 10, 854-863. (# co-first author)
◆ Wen, C.-K., Li, W., and Guo, H. Regulatory components of ethylene signal transduction. In Ethylene in Plants, C.-K. Wen, ed (Dordrecht: Springer Netherlands), 2015