LUO Zongwei
Associate Professor

Research Area:

Big data and Finance Technology, Interactive and Cognitive Computing, Service and Cloud Computing

Educational Background

◆ 1996-2001, University of Georgia ,Ph.D. in computer science and engineering

◆1993-1995, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, M.S. in computer science and engineering

◆ 1989-1993, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, B.S. in computer science and engineering 

Professional Experience

◆Since 2014, South University of Science and Technology of China ,Associate Professor

◆2003-2014, E-Business Technology Institute, University of Hong Kong, Senior Research Fellow

◆2001-2003, IBM TJ Watson Research Center, Research professorship

Honors & Awards

◆ Visiting professor, Xiamen University

◆ IEEE ICEBE Best Paper Award:

RFID Assisted Object Tracking for Automating Manufacturing Assembly Lines. ICEBE 2007: 48-53

◆ IEEE RFID-TA Best Paper Award Nominee:

SAW RFID Enabled Multi-functional Sensors for Food Safety Applications,

IEEE International Conference on RFID-Technology and Applications - RFID-TA , 2010

Selected Publication

1. Big data and Predictive Analytics in Humanitarian Supply Chains:Enabling Visibility and Coordination in the Presence of Swift Trust, International Journal of Logistics Management. 2017

2.Dynamics of Environmental Consciousness and Green Purchase Behavior :An Empirical Study, International Journal of Climate Change Strategies and Management 2017

3. A Liner Shipping Competitive Model with Consideration of Service Quality Management. Annals of Operations Research, 2016

4. A theoretical model of Jump Diffusion-Mean Reversion – Constant Proportion Portfolio Insurance strategy under the presence of transaction cost and stochastic floor.  Business Process Management Journal, 2016

5. Pricing and bargaining strategy of e-retail under hybrid operational patterns.   Annals of Operations Research, 2016

6. A Bibliographic Study on Big Data: Concepts, Trends and Challenges. Business Process Management Journal,2016

7. Smart Manufacturing Innovation and Transformation: Interconnection and Intelligence, IGI Global, 2014

8. Mechanism Design for Sustainability: Techniques and Cases, Springer, March 2013

9. Supply Chain Management and Logistics Innovation for Dynamic Economy, IGI Global, March 2012

10. Advanced Analytics for Sustainable Economic Development: Supply Chain Models and Financial Technologies, IGI Global 2011

11.Green Finance and Sustainability: Environmentally-Aware Business Models and Technologies, IGI Global 2011

12.Service Science and Logistics Informatics: Innovative Perspectives, IGI Global 2010


1.Research on analysis methods of internet finance and big data

2.Baby Tracking Application Technology in the Hospital Environment (2011-2014)

3.Electronic Lock Application Technology to the Container Cargo Transport Process(2010-2012)

4.Productivity Efficiency Promotion System based on RFID and Sensor Workspace(2011-2012)

5.Real- time Food quality Management Service System(2010-2012)

6.The Freight logistics service platform in Pearl River Delta(2009-2011)