QU Yan
Research Associate Professor

Dr. Qu Yan has been engaged in polar and deep-sea structural design research for a long time. He has more than 10 years of experience in R&D and design of polar ice and deep sea engineering loads and structures. Participated in the design and research and development of a number of polar ice zones and deepwater offshore platforms. Participating projects include the Chukchi Sea Drilling Platform, the production platform, the Beaufort Sea drilling project in Canada, the Molikpaq anti-ice platform in the Sakhalin waters of Russia, the structural design of the Kalamkas platform in the Caspian Sea, and safety assessment research. Participated in the preparation of the European Union NEST, the European Union STRICE, the International Organization for Standardization ISO-19906/WG8 polar marine engineering structural standards, and its ice load model research results are cited as one of the recommended methods for dynamic ice loading of marine structures. DNV, the Norwegian classification society, also cited this method in the new Arctic marine structure standard. Participate in the safety assessment of the deepwater offshore platform of the 15th, 11th, 12th National 863 Program, the design of the deep-sea floating platform, and the research and organization of the umbilical cable research of the underwater production system. He is currently the project leader of the National Key Research and Development Program "Key Technology Research of New Polar Ice Zone Semi-submersible Drilling Platform". Co-authored a monograph on "Umbilical Cables for Underwater Production Systems - Key Technologies for Design, Manufacturing and Testing". Co-authored the national standard GB-T: the offshore floating structure of the oil and gas industry - a monohull, semi-submersible platform and a deep water column platform, published more than 60 journals and conference papers, cited more than 500 times. Obtained 10 authorized invention patents.



Educational Background

2000/09 - 2006/07 Doctor of Engineering Mechanics, Dalian University of Technology

1996/09 - 2000/07 Dalian University of Technology Bachelor of Engineering Mechanics



Professional Experience

2018/08 –  Research Associate Professor, Institute of Frontier and Interdisciplinary Sciences, Southern University of Science and Technology

2015/01-2018-08 Technical Development Manager, DMAR Engineering Inc, USA

2013/04-2015/01 Ausenco Engineering Inc, Senior Expert, Arctic and Marine Engineering Structure

2006/07-2013/04 State Key Laboratory of Deepwater Engineering, CNOOC Research Institute, Shenshui Marine Engineering Engineer

2005/05-2005/12 Finnish National Technical Research Center (VTT), visiting researcher.

2003/10-2004/04 Finnish National Technical Research Center (VTT), visiting researcher.




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