SONG Jinhua

Professor Jinhua (Jim) Song gained his BEng(1982) and MSc (1985) in China and PhD (1990) in Newcatle University , UK. He jioned Brunel University London and worked there for 28 years as RA (1990-97) , Lecturer (1997-2000), Senior Lecturer (20000-2004) and then Professor and Director of Materials Research (2004-2018) in Wolfson Centre for Materials Processing. His research interests focuse on materials processing ranging from metals (precision forming of gas turbine blades), engineering ceramics (compaction & green machining, injection moulding, ink-jet printing etc.) , computer modelling of processes (compaction of powders, debinding from injection moulded components, fluculation of colloids etc) to bio-based materials ( biopolymers, natrual fibres & composites, biofoams and lignocellulosic biomasses for biofeuls, materials and fine chamical applications). He led some 20 major UK/EU projects with over 10 million pounds of research grants and pruduced over 100 publications. He served EPSRC College since 2003, technical advisor/asseser for DEFRA programs and asseser of national reasech programs for Canada and Ireland. He Joined SUSTech in 2018 leading research in bio-based materials and industrial production.