SUO Hongri
Research Assistant Professor

Clara Suo received her Ph.D degree of inorganic chemistry and Nano technology from the JiLin University in 2015. After then, she worked as a Postdoctoral Research Associate at the Chemistry department in University of Oxford. As the person in charge, she led several projects funded by SCG (Global Chemical Company) and simultaneously work as a post-doc fellow in Wolfson Catalysis Center in University of Oxford. Her research focus on synthesis and application of two-dimensional inorganic materials and composite materials with core-shell structure; Carbon dioxide capture and conversion; Synthesis and characterization of single atom catalyst materials. The research areas she currently working on is design and synthesis of environmental functional materials mainly include: catalysis material for waste water / waste sludge treatment and organic pollution degradation.


Education background
2011.9-2015.7: Jilin University, Inorganic Chemistry, Ph.D.
2009.9-2011.6: Jilin University, Inorganic Chemistry, Master
2003.9-2007.6: Jilin Agricultural University, Applied Chemistry, Bachelor


Employment History
2019-present: Research Assistant Professor, School of Environmental Science & Engineering, Southern University of Science and Technology
2015-2018: Department of Chemistry, University of Oxford, SCG-COE Technology R&D Center Postdoctoral Research Associate, Project Leader
2016-2018 Department of Chemistry, University of Oxford, Wolfson Catalyst Center Postdoctoral Fellow, New Energy Project Leader


Awards and Honors
Oxford The Alan Howe Prize Awardee, Teacher of the Year 2016-2017
"Scientific American" Chinese version, Prominent Editor 2016-2017.


Academic Posts
2016-2017 Instructor, Teaching Lab, Department of Chemistry, Oxford University
2016-2018 Invited Research Assistant, Holywell Manor of Balliol College, University of Oxford,


Research areas
1. Synthesis, characterization and application of inorganic layered materials
2. Synthesis, characterization and application of single atom catalyst materials


1. Hongri Suo,Shangjing Zeng,Runwei Wang *,Zongtao Zhang,and Shilun Qiu*, Syntheses, characterizations, and catalytic activities of mesostructured aluminophosphates with tailorable acidity assembled with various preformed zeolite nanoclusters [J]. Journal of Porous Materials, 2015, 22(2):529-536

2. Hongri Suo, Shang Jiang, Runwei Wang, Zongtao Zhang,Shilun Qiu*, Direct Synthesis of hierarchical porous SAPO-34-H though the double-template approach, 17th International Zeolite Conference, Russia. 2013. Poster.

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5. Hongri Suo, Chunping Chen, Jean-charles buffet, Meng Lv and Dermot O’Hare, Synthesis of PO4/CO3 layered double hydroxide with high surface area and high porous from useless WWTP waste struvite sludge, Green Chem , submitted

6. Hongri Suo, Chunping Chen, Haohong Duan, Jean-charles buffet and Dermot O’Hare, High dispersion Pt/Sn/In single atom on aqueous miscible organic-layered double hydroxides support for propane dehydrogenation, prepared

7. Xuancan Zhu, Chunping Chen,Hongri Suo,Qiang Wang,Yixiang Shi,Dermot O'Hare,Ningsheng Cai,Synthesis of elevated temperature CO2 adsorbents from aqueous miscible organic-layered double hydroxides, Energy, 2019, 167, 960-969

8. Molly M.-J. Li, Chunping Chen, Tugce Ayvalı, Hongri Suo, Jianwei Zheng, Ivo F. Teixeira, Lin Ye, Hanbo Zou, Dermot O’Hare and Shik Chi Edman Tsang, CO2 Hydrogenation to Methanol over Catalysts Derived from Single Cationic Layer CuZnGa LDH Precursors , ACS Catal. 8, 4390−4401, 2018.

1. New uses of magnesium phosphate containing minerals (First Inventor,UK-IPO Period)
2. A preparation method of highly dispersed platinum dehydrogenation catalyst (First Inventor,UK-IPO Period)