TIAN Xin-xin
Research Associate


Function and mechanism of noncoding RNA in tumor

Work Experience

2017.4-2018.11Tianjin Kemei Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Laboratory Technicia.

2018.12-2019.7Research Assistant, School of Medicine, Southern University of Science and Technology.

2019.8-present,Research Associate, School of Medicine, Southern University of Science and Technology.


2007.9-2011.6B.Sc. in College of Life Sciences  Nankai University, College of Life Sciences

2009.9-2010.6Chinese University of Hong Kong, Visiting Students

2011.8-2016.12Ph.D. in Biochemistry, Texas A&M University


Selected publications:

1. Xinxin Tian and Zhiqian Zhang*, miR-191/DAB2 axis regulates the
tumorigenicity of estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer. IUBMB life, 2018; 70: 71-80.
2. Xinxin Tian#, Fangfang Tao#, Baotong Zhang, Jin-Tang Dong,Zhiqian Zhang*, The miR-203/SNAI2 axis regulates prostate tumor growth, migration, angiogenesis and stemness potentially by modulating GSK-3β/β‐CATENIN signal pathway, IUBMB Life, 2018; 70: 224-236.