WANG Zheng

Dr Zheng WANG graduated from Tsinghua University, China (BSc in Control Theory and Engineering), Imperial College, UK (MSc in Control Systems), Technical University of Munich, Germany (D-Ing. In Robotics, Institute of Automatic Control), and served as Postdoc Fellow in Nanyang Technological University and Harvard University, respectively. From 2014-2019 he served as Assistant Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Hong Kong, before joining SUSTECH in 2019 as Professor and Principal Investigator. Dr Wang’s research interests include: robotic design and control, soft/compliant robots, biomimetic robots and special-purpose application, medical/surgical robots, etc. He had successfully led and collaborated in over 20 research grants across EU, Singapore, US, HK, and China, receiving sponsorship from HK RGC, ITC, Shenzhen Technological and Innovation Committee, and major leading companies from Microsoft, Delta, Lenovo, MBrain, Hytera, Tencent, etc. Dr Wang is currently a Senior Member of IEEE and IEEE RAS, founding member of IEEE Haptics Committee, and Member of ASME. He had served as associate editor and reviewing panel for multiple academic journals and conferences. To-date Dr Wang had authored two book/book chapters, over 50 academically refereed articles, and over 10 patents.

Research Area:

◆Soft robots: high-performance soft robotic actuators and controllers, robotic hand/arm systems engineering
◆Underwater robots: dexterous, compact, and efficient general-purpose or biomimetic underwater robot design and control
◆Medical robots: compliant wearable medical robots, and compact high-DOF surgical/dental robotic systems
◆Special-purpose robots: dexterous robots systems towards special environment applications
Work experience:
◆2019.2-present,SUSTECH Dept Mechanical and Energy Eng, Professor
◆2014.6-2019.2,Dept. Mechanical Engineering, HKU, Assistant Professor
◆2013.2-2014.5,Harvard University, SEAS, USA, Research Fellow with Joint Appointment
◆2013.2-2014.5,Harvard WYSS Institute of Bioinspired Engineering, Postdoc Fellow
◆2010.5-2013.2,Nanyang Tech. Univ, Singapore, Robotics Research Center, Postdoc
◆2006.6-2010.5,Technical University of Munich, Germany, LSR, Research Assistance
◆2010.12, Technical University of Munich, Germany, D-Ing.
◆2005.9, Imperial College London, UK, Control Systems, MSc
◆2004.9, Tsinghua University, Control Theory and Engineering, BSc
Honors and Awards:
◆2019,IEEE International Conference on Soft Robotics, Best Paper Award Final list, pending
◆2019,HKX-FYP Plus Competition Best Project Award (Dental Surgical Robot)
◆2018,HKUEAA ENGINNOVATE 2018 Challenge,Gold Award Champion
◆2018,HKX-FYP+ Competition Best Project Award(Dental Robot)
◆2018,Robotics and Automation Systems (SCI-Q1) Best paper in 5 years(2013-2018)
◆2017,HKX-FYP+ Competition Best Project Award(Soft Robotic Glove)
◆2015,IEEE Inter. Conf. on Real-time Computing, Robotics and Automation 2015 Best paper Award (Final list)

Selected Publication:
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