WU Jianping
Research Associate Professor

2001-2006 PhD, the School of Mechanical & Chemical Engineering, UWA, Australia.
1983-1987 Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering, the School of Mechanical Engineering, Kunming University of Science and Technology, P. R. China.

Work Experience
2018-Now Associate professor, Department of Biomedical Engineering/SUSTech Academy of Advanced Multidisciplinary Studies, Southern University of Science and Technology of China.
 Adjunct Senior Research Fellow, School of Civil and Mechanical Engineering, Curtin and PhD supervisor.
 Adjunct Research Fellow, School of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, UWA.

2015-2018 Senior Research Fellow/Deputy Laboratory Supervisor, PhD supervisor, the laboratory of 3D Imaging and Bioengineering, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Curtin University.
 Adjunct Research Fellow, School of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, UWA.

2012-2015 Research Fellow/Deputy Laboratory Supervisor, PhD supervisor, the laboratory of 3D Imaging and Bioengineering, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Curtin University.
 Adjunct Research Fellow, School of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, UWA.

2011-2012 Research Fellow/Lab Supervisor, PhD supervisor, 3D Image laboratory, the School of Mechanical & Chemical Engineering, UWA.

2006-2011 National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Research Fellow, PhD supervisor, Deputy Laboratory Supervisor of the 3D Image Laboratory, the School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering, UWA.

1995-2000 Research Assistant, 3D Image Laboratory, the School of Mechanical & Materials Engineering, UWA.

1987-1994 Mechanical Engineer, Kunming Precious Metal Research Institute, Nonferrous Metals Industry Corporation of China.

Research Interests
Biomedical Engineering
Minimally invasive medical imaging diagnostic technologies
Development and application of 3D Imaging technologies
Computer imaging analysis and processing
Functional disorders of musculoskeletal systems
Mechanical function of micro components of articular cartilage, tendons and ligaments
Otolaryngology, hearing and behaviour science.

Honors and Awards
2017-2019 National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Development Grant (associate investigator), project title: Superior surgical fixation using a novel orthopaedic expandable fastener, $414,000
2011-2014 Australian Research Council, Linkage Awarded $840,000 from the ARC and $667,633 from Orthocell, EBonz, and Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital as an Australian Research Council Linkage grant for the project title: Bioengineered bioscaffolds for Achilles tendinopathy treatment” in partnership with UWA, University of Auckland and Griffith University. (Intensively participated in writing the grant and the only named research fellow in the grant), total $1,507,633.
2006-2010 NHMRC Industry Fellowship (sole investigator), project title: Developing confocal arthroscopy for in vivo visualizing the internal microstructure of articular cartilage for assessing early osteoarthritis, $362,000.
2010 UWA Research Development Award (sole investigator), project title: Studying Altered Mechanical Behaviour of Articular Cartilage in Relation to Disruption of the Articular Surface and the Collagen Matrix, $13,500.
2007 UWA Research Grant Scheme (sole investigator), project title: The Role of the Surface of Articular Cartilage in Maintaining Cartilage Matrix Integrity and Healthy Joints”, $25,000.
2006 Travel Grant Award, ANZORS.
2003 Travel Award, International Society of Biomechanics.
2001-2005 A PhD scholarship (UPA) with stipend & Dr Julian Hunka top up Scholarship, UWA.
1993 Award for Scientific and Innovative Achievement (Non-Ferrous Metal Industry Cooperation of China, formerly the Ministry of Mining and Metallurgy of China).
Citation: “this award was given to those who have made a great contribution in developing science and technology in China”.

Selected Publications
1.JP Wu*, BJ Swift, T Becker, A Squelch, YC Zheng, J Xu, MH Zheng, A Wang, W Xue, XL Zhao, D Lloyd and TB Kirk, High resolution studying the 3D collagen fibrillar matrix in Achilles tendons without tissues labelling and dehydrating, J. Microscopy, 266 (3), 2017, 273-287. (Cover page of the issue). (corresponding author)
2.X Pan, JP Wu*, GT Allison, J Rubenson, MH Zheng, D Lloyd, B Gardiner, A Wang and TB Kirk, The three dimensional microstructural network of elastin, collagen and cells in Achilles tendons. J. Orthopaedic Research, 35 (6), 2017, 1203-1214. (corresponding author)
3.KY Wang, JP Wu, R Days, TB Kirk and XZ Hu, Characterizing depth dependent refractive index of articular cartilage subjected to mechanical wear or enzymic degeneration, J. Biomedical Optics, 21 (9), 2016, 095002, doi:10.1117/1.JBO.21.9.095002.
4.JP Wu*, M Walton, A Wang, P Anderson, T Wang, TB Kirk and MH Zheng, The development of confocal arthroscopy as optical histology for rotator cuff tendinopathy, J. Microscopy, 259 (3), 2015, 1-7. (corresponding author)
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