HOU Yong
Associate Professor


◆ Ph.D. University of Illinois at Chicago, Mathematics (1998-2000).

◆ M.Sc. University of Toronto, Mathematics.

◆ B.Sc. University of Toronto, School of Engineering.

Division of Engineering Science, Specialize in Aerospace Engineering.


Recent Positions

◆ Current Associate professor,

Southern University of Science and Technology.

◆ 2015-2018 Princeton University & Institute for Advanced Study,

Visiting Professor, Member.



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2. Hou. Y. Quasiconformal rigidity of negatively curved three-manifolds. Asian J. Math. Vol. 6, No 4. 645-662. 2002. MR 1958086.
3. Hou. Y. Geometric Ends and critical exponent of negatively curved three-manifolds. Glasg. Math. J. Vol. 45, No 2. 2003. MR 1997712.
4. Hou. Y. Kleinian groups of small Hausdorff dimension are classical Schottky groups I. Geometry& Topology, Volume 14(2010), 473-519.
5. Hou. Y. All finitely generated Kleinian groups of small Hausdorff dimension are classical Schottky groups. to appear: Advances in Mathematics.
6. J. Anderson, Hou. Y. Hausdorff Spectrum and uniformizations of Riemann Surfaces.
7. Hou. Y. Boundary rigidity of Negatively Curved Groups.
8. Hou. Y. Higher dimensional Kleinian groups with limit set of small Hausdorff dimensions.


Journal Referee Works

Referee for Duke Mathematics Journal. (2013)