Research Associate Professor

Research Associate Professor
Innovation Center for Intelligent Manufacturing
E-mail: liuw2@sustech.edu.cn

Research Interests
1. computer vision, 3D visual perception & embedded system
2. surgical robotics, medical image processing

Education Background 

2010.09~2013.07,PhD,University of Chinese Academy of Sciences
2003.09~2006.07,Master,University of Science and Technology of China
1999.09~2003.07,Bachelor,University of Science and Technology of China

Work experience

2017.11~current, Research Associate Professor,SUSTech
2016.01~2017.05,Co-founder, CTO,Sunshine Technology, Inc.
2014.01~2015.12,Postdoc, The Chinese University of Hong Kong


2019.11~Current,UAV joint lab,PI
2019.04~Current,MOE embedded robotic project,PI
2016.01~2016.02,Indiegogo Crowdfunding,PI

Honors and Awards 

2016.12  Won the Start-up Leader Prize in the fifth JINBO Award
2016.10  Won the Third Prize in the Youth Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition 2016 in Longhua, Shenzhen
2013.11  Won the Best Conference Paper as the first author in IEEE ROBIO 2013

Publications and Patents 

1. Song S, Qiu X, Liu W, et al. An Improved 6-D Pose Detection Method Based on Opposing-Magnet Pair System and Constraint Multiple Magnets Tracking Algorithm [J]. IEEE Sensors Journal, 2017, 17(20): 6752-6759.

2. Ren, H.; Liu, W. & Lim, A. (2014), 'Marker-Based Instrument Tracking Using Dual Kinect Sensors', IEEE Transactions on Automation Science and Engineering 11(3), 921-924.

3. Ren, H.; Liu, W. & Song, S. (2013), 'Towards Occlusion-Resistant Surgical Instrument Tracking', Bone & Joint Journal Orthopaedic Proceedings Supplement, 95(SUPP 28), 52-52.

4. Liu, W.; Ren, H.; & Lim, CM. (2013), 'A Miniature Device Aiming for Long-term Surveillance of Nasopharynx Cancer', In IMWS-Bio 2013, IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Workshop Series on RF and Wireless Technologies for Biomedical and Healthcare Applications, Dec., 2013.

5. Liu, W.; Ren, H.; Zhang, W.; & Song, S. (2013), 'Cognitive Tracking of Surgical Instruments Based on Stereo Vision and Depth Sensing (Best conference paper)', In ROBIO 2013, IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Biomimetics, Dec., 2013.

6. Liu, W.; & Ren, H., (2013), 'Combining Infrared, Color and Depth for Cognitive Surgical Navigation', In IROS 2013, IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems and Co-SuR 2013 Workshop on Cognitive Surgical Robotics, Nov, 2013.