LI Xiang

Name: Li Xiang

Highest degree: PhD

Graduation School: Nanjing University

Graduation major: Chinese modern history

Talent title Distinguished Professor of Chutian Scholars, Hubei Province


Main academic papers:

  1. Changes in Chiang Kai-shek and the Party's Military System after the March 20 Incident "Research on Modern History" (6) Exclusive CSSCI
  2. The establishment of the party army system of the Whampoa Military Academy: centered on Sun Yat-sen, Liao Zhongkai, and Chiang Kai-shek "Research on Modern History" 2016(4) Exclusive CSSCI
  3. "The Thermometer" and "The Touchstone": The Youth Party's Military Activities (1923-1935) "Research on Modern History" 2013 (4) Exclusive CSSCI
  4. The fate of Wang Jingwei and the party army system during the reorganization to the 32nd Incident "Shi Lin" 2018 (1) Independent CSSCI
  5. Dong Shi Effect: Political Work of the Kuomintang Army under the Information Bureau "21st Century" 2014(6)
  6. Skills, or class nature, "21st Century" 2006 (5)
  7. Proposal and abandonment of the Wuling Base Plan before and after the victory of the Anti-Japanese War "Research on the History of the Communist Party of China" 2016(7)
  8. Spiritual Consolation, Adjustment and Management: On the Political Work of the Kuomintang Army Injury in Wartime "Research on the War of Resistance Against Japan" 2012(1) Exclusive CSSCI
  9. The National Government Army Pension Organization during the Anti-Japanese War "Research on the War of Resistance Against Japan" 2008 (1) Exclusive CSSCI
  10. A Preliminary Study on the Problem of Substituting for Farming in Shaanxi, Gansu and Ningxia and North China Anti-Japanese Wars Research 2005 (2) CSSCI
  11. The Party Army System of the Kuomintang Army during the Eastern Expedition to the March 20th Incident "History Monthly" 2017(12) Exclusive CSSCI
  12. Research on the Factors Affecting the Political Identity of Students in Higher Vocational Colleges in Guangdong Province “Exploration of Higher Education” (6)
  13. Whampoa Military Academy before the Northern Expedition and the Party Army System in the First Army "Jiangsu Social Science" 2016 (4) Exclusive CSSCI
  14. From the political work of the military to see the breakup of the relationship between the Kuomintang and the Communists during the Northern Expedition "Jiangsu Social Science" 2014 (5) Independent CSSCI
  15. The Cognitive Analysis of Soviet Russia and the Kuomintang on Implanting the Party's Military System. Jiangsu Social Sciences 2013(1) Exclusive CSSCI
  16. The Innovation of the Modeling Revolution——On the Ideological Education Mode of the Whampoa Military Academy. Jiangsu Social Science 2011(2) Exclusive CSSCI
  17. Governing the army, leading the party and controlling the party with the military "Jiangsu Social Science" 2009 (4) Independent CSSCI
  18. The Last Elegy: Political Work at the Time of the Destruction of the Kuomintang Army "Jianghai Academic Journal" (4) Co-authored CSSCI
  19. Russian System Eastward: The Origin of the Kuomintang Army Party System (1918-1923) "The Republic of China Archives" 2016 (3) Exclusive CSSCI
  20. An Analysis of the Turning Factors in the Political Work of the Kuomintang Army (1945-1946) The Archives of the Republic of China 2011(4) Exclusive CSSCI
  21. Analysis of the Political Work of the Northeast Army before and after the Xi'an Incident, "Research on the Republic of China" (Spring Edition), CSSCI Collection

twenty two. Physical discipline and counter-discipline: Zhang Zhidong and the Hubei New Army before the Shouyi "Journal of Hubei University" 2012 (2) Exclusive CSSCI

  1. The Evolution of the Concept of the National Revolution——Centered on 1897-1927 "Nanjing Social Sciences" 2008(12) Exclusive CSSCI

twenty four. An Analysis of the Characteristics of the Soldiers' Retirement of the Nanjing National Government. History Teaching 2007(10) Exclusive CSSCI

  1. A thick history of heavy history "Jianghan Forum" 2007 (12) a work CSSCI
  2. The Reasons for the Kuomintang's Introduction of the Army Political Work System "Guizhou Literature and History Series" 2009 (2) Exclusive CSSCI Extended Edition
  3. The Jinan Massacre and the Drastic Changes in the Kuomintang Army's Political Work System "Military Political Science Research"

2015(3) Separate Military Science Core Journal

  1. Political Work of the National Revolutionary Army in the Northern Expedition "Military History Research" 2014 (3) Independent Writing Military Science Core
  2. On the establishment and development of the political work of the National Revolutionary Army "Military History Research" 2013 (1)
  3. The political reform of the Kuomintang army in the early days after the retreat. "Military History Research" 2009 (2) The core of military science

The Evolution of the National Government's Pension Concept in 31.1927-1949 "Military History Research" 2008 (3)

  1. The control of the new army by the different political forces in the late Qing Dynasty and its influence. Military History 2009 (3) The core of military science
  2. Analysis of the reasons for the National Government to strengthen the military pension system during the Anti-Japanese War. Military History 2008 (1) The core of military science
  3. Changes in the Site Selection of the Chinese Communist Party in South China during the Anti-Japanese War (1937-1940) (to be published)

Published book name Press name Exclusive/co-authored Publication time

  1. "The Sowing of the Revolution: The Political Work Group of the Whampoa Military Academy 1924-1925" Guangdong People's Publishing House Exclusive May 2016

The main research project/problem name hosted Project approval department Project level Start and end time Funding My role (hosting/participation)

  1. National Government Special Care and Resettlement Research during the Comprehensive Anti-Japanese War National Social Science Fund General Project National Level 2017.6-2020.12 200,000
  2. Research on the Evolution of the "Party Army System" of the Kuomintang Army (1924-1928) National Social Science Fund Later Support Project National Level 2015.6-2016.12 200,000 Hosted Closed
  3. Research on the introduction and variation of the Kuomintang army political work system Ministry of Education Social Science Fund Youth Project Ministerial level 2012.12-2014.12 70,000 Hosted Closed
  4. Research on the relationship between the Kuomintang army and the military. Post-doctoral first-class funded projects. Ministerial level 2013.5-2014.5 80,000
  5. Research on the Basic Issues of China's Modern and Contemporary History from the Perspective of Revolution and Modernization Guangdong Province Postgraduate Model Courses Provincial Level 2016.1-2017.12 50,000 Hosted Closed
  6. Research on the Kuomintang army political work system Guangdong Social Science Fund Youth Project Provincial level 2009-2012 20,000 Hosted Closed