YUAN Changgeng
Assistant Professor

In 2016, he graduated from the Department of Anthropology of the Chinese University of Hong Kong with a Ph.D. In 2004, he was admitted to the Central University for Nationalities in ethnology and English double degree classes. After that, he continued to pursue a master's degree in the school. He obtained a bachelor's degree in history/literacy and a master's degree in law. Since the undergraduate stage, he has been paying attention to the cultural and social development issues of minority groups in China's border areas. He has conducted field investigations in Sichuan, Yunnan, Qinghai and other fields, and has participated in research projects commissioned by the National Development and Reform Commission and UNFPA. The Ph.D. study turned to attention to the reorganization of physical, health, and ethical systems in contemporary China, and conducted a two-year follow-up survey on health product marketing in a city in North China. Current research areas of interest include: medical anthropology, body theory, ethics and daily life, digital anthropology, subjectivity, and postsocialism. In addition to his own research, he has long been concerned about the Chinese mass culture and social process in the 20th century, and is engaged in independent film, rock music commentary and non-fiction writing.


Scientific Papers:
"Space, Orientation, and Morality: Village Changes in the Perspective of Road Science", edited by Zhou Yongming, "Learning: Road, Space and Culture", Chongqing University Press, 2016;
"Doctor's "Invisibility Cloak"", edited by Zhou Yongming, "Chinese Anthropology" (Inaugural Issue), Commercial Press, 2016;
"How to Tell "New Workers": Contemporary History, New Countryside and World Experience", in China Book Review, No. 5, 2015;
"Bei Zhuang Mine Difficulties: "Ration" and "Love" in Community Emergencies," Su Li, Editor-in-Chief, Law and Social Sciences (Vol. 7), Law Press, 2010;
"Explaining the Old State to Supplement New Life--Rereading L.H. Morgan's <Ancient Society>", in Journal of Hubei University for Nationalities (Philosophy and Social Sciences), No. 3, 2008;
"Geography of the terrorists", published in the "China National News" on March 21, 2014;
"One question, two logics, more answers? "," China National News, November 12, 2010;


Translation works:
"Strangers in the City" (Stanford University Press, 2002, author Zhang Wei), Jiangsu People's Publishing House, January 2014.
"In Search of Paradise, Cornell University Press, 2011, author Zhang Wei", Peking University Press.


Field investigation experience:
August 2013 – July 2015, Field Survey (PhD thesis) of sales staff of Z-Anli in North China;
September 2012 – August 2013, AFS project tracking survey, “Adaptation and Cognition of Overseas Exchange Students in Hong Kong High School”, interviews and survey participants;
In July 2009, Mangshi and Luanchuan, Dehong Prefecture, Yunnan Province, “Dietary Traditional Culture and Modern Maternal and Child Health Care Services” (UNFPA “Spain Millennium Project” Branch), Yunnan Group Leader, Chief Reporter ( One);
In August 2008, Xunhua County, Qinghai Province, “Investigation and Design of Minority Hydropower Immigration Compensation System” (project commissioned by the National Development and Reform Commission), responsible person of Qinghai Group, and chief report writer;
In July 2007, Qingzhou City, Shandong Province, “traditional education of the contemporary Hui community”, the general manager of the survey team, the chief report writer;
In August 2006, Baiyu County, Ganzi Prefecture, Sichuan Province, “Contemporary Tibetan Orphan Education”, reported the author;
In July 2006, Yuanyang County, Honghe Prefecture, Yunnan Province, “a “new socialist countryside construction” in a Hani village” reported the author.