YU Binbin
Research Assistant Professor


2012-2015 Chinese Academy of Sciences, Ph.D.

2009-2012 Capital Normal University, Master

2005-2009 Tianjin Polytechnic University, Bachelor


Work Experience

2018 up to now, South University of science and technology, Energy-X (Cooperation with the Department of materials science and Engineering), Research Assistant Professor

2016-2017, City University Hong Kong, Department of materials science and Engineering, Postdoctoral Fellow

2015-2016, University of Alberta, Department of chemistry, Postdoctoral Fellow


Research Area

Dr. Yu’s research fields cover nanomaterials, materials chemistry and photovoltaic devices. She has rich practical experience in the field of control synthesis of nano-micro materials and improvement of interface engineering, and has been engaged in the research of photovoltaic materials and films since 2012. She is very good at studying the growth process of nanocrystals and the relationship between crystal growth and material properties. At the same time, she have accumulated some experience and achievements in designing and preparing photovoltaic materials and devices. At present, she is focusing on synthesizing novel perovskite materials via solution methods, developing the novel interface materials and investigating the application of on photovoltaic devices.



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