Research Assistant Professor


Bachelor, Nanchang Hangkong University, 2005-2009.

Master, Sichuan University, 2009-2012.

Ph.D, Sichuan University, 2012-2015

Visiting Ph.D student, The University of Auckland, 2013-2014

Working Experiences

Research Assistant Professor, South University of Science and Technology, 2019.08-present

Research Assistant, Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2018.09-2019.08

Associate Professor, Chongqing University of Arts and Sciences, 2015.07-2018.09

Research Interests

He is mainly engaged in mechanoluminescent materials research and novel visual pressure sensor development.

Selected Publications

  1. Zhao, Y. H. Wu, D.H. Wang, et al. A near-ultraviolet  (NUV)  converting  blue-violet Mg2SiO4:Ce3+ phosphor  for  white  light-emitting-diodes (w-LEDs), J. Lumi. 207 (2019) 241-245.
  2. Zhao, Y. Pu, S.X. Cao*, et al. Effect of sintering temperature on the emission-spectrum-shape-evolution of Sr2SiO4:Eu2+ phosphor, J. Mater. Sci-Mater. El. 29 (2018) 13588-13595.
  3. Yang, J. Wang, D. Zhu, Y. Pu, C. Zhao*, et. al. The effect of doping Mg2+ on structure and properties of Sr(1.992-x)MgxSiO4: 0.008Eu2+ blue phosphor synthesized by co-precipitation method. Opt. Mater. 75 (2018) 887-892.
  4. Zhao, Y. Pu, Y. Tu, et al. Emission-spectrum-shape-evolution of Eu2+ under the crystallization process of the host-Ca2AlMg0.5Si1.5O7. Optik.160 (2018) 267-276
  5. X. Cao, T. Han, L.L. Peng, C. Zhao*, et al. Hydrothermal synthesis, characterization and gas sensing properties of novel Cu2O open hollow nanospheres. Ceram. Int. 43 (2017) 4721-4724.
  6. Zhao, D.C. Zhu, M.J. Tu, et al. A near-ultraviolet (NUV) converting blue-violet Ca2AlMg0.5Si1.5O7:xCe3+ phosphor for white light-emitting. RSC Adv. 6 (2016) 2368-2373.
  7. X. Cao, H. Chen, T. Han, C. Zhao*, et al. Rose-like Cu2O nanoflowers via hydrothermal synthesis and their gas sensing properties. Mater. Lett. 180 (2016) 135-139.
  8. Zhao, D.C. Zhu, W. Gao, et al. Effect of doping Gd3+ on crystal structure and luminescent properties of Sr2SiO4: Eu2+ phosphor. J. Rare. Earth. 33(2015)693-699.
  9. Zhao, D.C. Zhu, X. Shu, et al. High visible light photocatalytic property of TiO2 nanoparticles with mixed phases and Co doping. Superlattice. Microst. 88 (2015) 32-42.
  10. Zhao, D.C. Zhu, Y. Pu, et al. The effect of doping La3+ on structure and luminescent properties of Sr2SiO4: Eu2+ phosphor. Ceram. Int. 41(2015)13341-13347.
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