Introduction To Our Schools and Colleges

SUSTech provides endless options for its students to explore different academic pursuits. With a bilingual approach to all degree programs, we ensure the intellectual stimulation of students while nurturing and cultivating their abilities. With a focus on research and encouraging innovation, the entrepreneurial spirit that shines in Shenzhen sees them grow in a multidisciplinary approach that sees substantial collaborations with government and industry. With degree programs across seven schools and 18 departments, you will not lack for choice.

Department of Mathematics

Financial Mathematics
Applied Mathematics

Department of Physics


Applied Physics

Department of Biology

Biological Sciences

Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Microelectronics and Engineering
Opto-electronic lnformation Science and Engineering
Communications Engineering
Information Engineering

Department of Materials Science and Engineering

Materials Science and Engineering

Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Computer Science and Technology
Intelligence Science and Technology

School of Environmental Science and Engineering

Environmental Science and Engineering

Hydrology and Water Resource Engineering

Department of Mechanics and Aerospace Engineering

Theoretical and Applied Mechanics
Aerospace Engineering

Department of Mechanical and Energy Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Robotics Engineering

School of Business

Department of Finance


Financial Engineering (Fintech)

School of Medicine

School of Medicine

Clinical Medicine

Biomedical Sciences

School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Academy for Advanced Interdisciplinary Studies