Fan Xiaoshuai
Assistant Professor

Xiaoshuai Fan joined the College of Business in 2020 and is currently an assistant professor and Ph.D. tutor at Southern University of Science and Technology. She got her Ph.D degree in Operations Research from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Her main research areas are mechanism design and auction theory, behavioral operation management, sustainable operation management, supply chain management, and innovation management. She has published many papers in top management and well-known international journals such as Management Science, Manufacturing & Service Operations Management and Production and Operations Management.


Educational Experience

2015-2020: PhD in Industrial Engineering and Logistics Management, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

2011-2015: Bachelor of Management, Huazhong University of Science and Technology (Management Innovation Experimental Class)


Research Interest

My research interests are mechanism design and auction theory under asymmetric information, sustainable operation management (poverty problem, income difference problem, carbon emission problem), behavioral operation, supply chain management, etc.



  1. Xiaoshuai Fan*, Kanglin Chen, Ying-Ju Chen. (2022) “Is Price Commitment a Better Solution to Control Carbon Emissions and Promote Technology Investment?” Forthcoming in Management Science

  2. Pin Gao, Xiaoshuai Fan*, Yangguang Huang, Ying-Ju Chen. (2022) ”Resource Allocation Among Competing Innovators.” Management Science 68(8), 5557-6354

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  4. Xiaoshuai Fan, Ying‐Ju Chen, and Christopher S Tang*. (2021) “Mechanism Design for Managing Hidden Rebates and Inflated Quotes of a Procurement Service Provider.” Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, 23(5), 1275-1296.

  5. Xiaoshuai Fan*, Ying‐Ju Chen, and Christopher S Tang. (2021) “To Bribe or not in a Procurement Auction under Disparate Corruption Pressure.” Production and Operations Management, 30(5), 1220-1245

  6. Qiaochu He, Xiaoshuai Fan*, Ying-Ju Chen, Hai Yang (2021) “On-Demand Service Delivery under Asymmetric Information: Priority Pricing, Market Selection, and Horizontal Substitution.” International Journal of Production Economics 237, 108146.

  7. Xiaoshuai Fan*, and Ying-Ju Chen.” (2021) Contracts in Procurement Supply Chain with Intermediation: Combating Collusion in Price Competition.” Naval Research Logistics (NRL), 68(8), 1054-1069.

  8. Xiaoshuai Fan*, Ying‐Ju Chen, and Junjie Zhou. (2020) “Social benefits of government investment in enterprises.” Naval Research Logistics (NRL), 67(2), 108-125.


Working Paper

  1. Xiaoshuai Fan*, Qingye Wu, Ying-Ju Chen, Christopher Tang. “The Implications of Pay Transparency in the Presence of Over-and Under-confident Agents” Under Major Revision

  2. Weiqian Lu, Lindong Liu, Xiaoshuai Fan*, “From Imperfect Information to Imperfect Information: A Construct of Search Model” to be submitted soon

  3. Xiaoshuai Fan*, Ying-Ju Chen, Christopher Tang.  ”Allocating Scarce Resources in the Presence of Private Information and Bargaining Power” Under Major Revision