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GUO Qiongyu
 Assistant Professor


2004-2010 Ph.D. Macromolecular Science and Engineering, Case Western Reserve University
1999-2004 B.S. Polymer Science and Engineering, University of Science and Technology of China

Work experiences
2017-now  Assistant Professor, Southern University of Science and Technology, Shenzhen, China
2016-2017 Research Scientist, Bioengineering, Lehigh university
2009-2016 Postdoctoral Fellow, Biomedical Engineering, Johns Hopkins University

Honors and Awards
2010-2013 Arthritis Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship, US

Research Interests
Engineering biomaterials through translational approaches is highly demanded so that the clinical use may be realized to enhance human health and well-being. However, the lack of controllability to actively trigger shape memory polymers in a human body-friendly environment has been the main issue preventing these polymers from clinical applications. We focus on developing a novel shape memory platform in micron and nano- scales with a shape recovery process performed in an optimal biocompatible range and with the ability to be precisely controlled by external stimulus. This platform holds potential to be applied in drug delivery systems to achieve better mechanical, thermal and biological controls.

Selected Publications
1. Q. Guo, D. Miller, H. An, H. Wang, J. Lopez, D. Lough, L. He and A. Kumar, “Controlled heat stress promotes myofibrillogenesis during myogenesis,” PLoS ONE 11(11) (2016) e0166294.
2. S. Majumdar, Q. Guo, M. Garza-Madrid, X. Calderon-Colon, D. Duan, P. Carbajal, O. Schein, M. Trexler, and J. Elisseeff, “Influence of collagen source on fibrillar architecture and properties of vitrified collagen membranes”, J. Biomed. Mater. Res. Part B. 104B (2016) 300-307.
3. Q Guo, J.P. Mather, P. Yang, M. Boden, and P.T. Mather, “Fabrication of polymeric coatings with controlled microtopographies using an electrospraying technique,” PLoS ONE 10(6) (2015) e0129960.
4. S. Yang,# Q. Guo,# L. Shores, A. Aly, M. Ramakrishnan, G.-H. Kim, Q. Lu, L. Su, G. Zhao, J.H. Elisseeff, “Use of a chondroitin sulfate bioadhesive to enhance integration of bioglass particles for repairing critical-size bone defects,” J. Biomed. Mater. Res. Part A. 103A (2015) 235-242. (#= Co-first author)
5. Q. Guo, J.M. Phillip, S. Majumdar, P. Wu, J. Chen, X. Calderón-Colón, O. Schein, B.J. Smith, M.M. Trexler, D. Wirtz, and J.H. Elisseeff, “Modulation of keratocyte phenotype by collagen fibril nanoarchitecture in membranes for corneal repair,” Biomaterials 34 (2013) 9365-9372.
6. Q. Guo,# X. Wang,# M.W. Tibbitt, K.S. Anseth, D.J. Montell, and J.H. Elisseeff, “Light activated cell migration in synthetic extracellular matrices,” Biomaterials 33 (2012) 8040-8046. (#= Co-first author)
7. Q. Guo, A. Aly, O. Schein, M.M. Trexler, and J.H. Elisseeff, “Moxifloxacin in situ gelling microparticles-bioadhesive delivery system,” Results in Pharma. Sciences 2 (2012) 66-71.
8. A.T. Hillel, S. Unterman, Z. Nahas, B. Reid, J.M. Coburn, J. Axelman, J.J. Chae, Q. Guo, R. Trow, A. Thomas, Z. Hou, S. Lichtsteiner, D. Sutton, C. Matheson, P. Walker, N. David, S. Mori, J.M. Taube, and J.H. Elisseeff, “Photoactivated composite biomaterial for soft tissue restoration in rodents and in human,” Sci. Tranl. Med. 3, 93ra67 (2011) 1-12.
9. Q. Guo, P.T. Knight, J. Wu, and P.T. Mather, “Blends of paclitaxel with POSS-based biodegradable polyurethanes: morphology, miscibility, and specific interactions,” Macromolecules 43 (2010) 4991-4999.
10. Q. Guo, P.T. Knight, and P.T. Mather, “Tailored drug release from biodegradable stent coatings based on hybrid polyurethanes,” J. Control. Release 137 (2009) 224-233.

Book Chapter
1.Q. Guo, and J.H. Elisseeff, Cartilage Tissue Engineering, in: A. Atala, R. Lanza, J.A. Thomson, R. Nerem (Eds.), Principles of Regenerative Medicine, 2nd Ed, Elsevier, 2011, pp. 981-995.

Patent Applications
1. Q. Guo, J. Green, R.A. Meyer, C.J. Bishop, A. Kumar, and G.L. Semenza, “Shape memory particles for biomedical uses,” Patent application (WO2016164458A1) filed on April 6, 2016.
2.A. Kumar, D. Lough, C. Madsen, and Q. Guo, “Bone healing, angiogenesis-promoting and vasculogenesis-producing system,” Patent application (WO2016172004) filed on April 15, 2016.
3.J.H. Elisseeff, Q. Guo, and S. Majumdar, “Compositions comprising cyclodextrin incorporated collagen matrices for use in biomedical applications,” Patent application (US20170043021A1) filed on September 10, 2015.
4.J.H. Elisseeff, Q. Guo, S. Majumdar, and A. Singh, “Cornea mimetic biomaterials: vitrified collagen-cyclodextrin implants,” Patent Application (WO2016171745A1) filed on April 24, 2015.
5.M.M. Trexler, J.H. Elisseeff, D.G. Mulreany, Q. Guo, J.L. Breidenich, J.P. Maranchi, J.L. Graham, J.B. Patrone, M.W. Patchan, and X. Calderon-Colon, “Wound healing compositions comprising biocompatible cellulose hydrogel membranes and methods of use thereof,” Approved by USPTO on April 19, 2016. Patent #US9314531B2.