Qiaochu He
Associate Professor

Qiao-Chu He joined the SUSTech Buisness School in 2019. His main research area is operations management, and in particular, service and information systems. Applications domains include smart-cities, innovative marketplace, socially responsible and sustainable operations. His major research methodologies include games with incomplete information, stochastic models, applied optimization.


Employment History:

2018-2019 Visiting Assistant Professor Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

2016-2019 Assistant Professor University of North Carolina, Charlotte, USA


2011-2016 Ph.D. in Operations Research, University of California, Berkeley, USA
2007-2011 B.Eng., Tsinghua University, Beijing


Journal Publications: 

1. “Smart Navigation via Strategic Communications in a Mixed Autonomous Paradigm", with Ailing Xu, Yonghui Chen and Ying-Ju Chen. Production and Operations Management.

2. "A target-based optimization model for bike-sharing systems: from the perspective of service efficiency and equity," with Qingxin Chen, Chenyi Fu, Ning Zhu, Shoufeng Ma, Qiao-chu He, Transportation Research Part B: Methodological.

3. “Task Assignment in Predictive Maintenance for Free-Float Bicycle Sharing Systems", with Shichen Zhao, Lan Lu, and Ning Zhu. Computers and Industrial Engineering.

4. “Bike-sharing inventory management for market expansion", with Ning Zhu; Chenyi Fu; Shoufeng Ma; Hai Yang. Transportation Research Part B: Methodological.

5. “High-Dimensional Linear Regression via Implicit Regularization", Peng Zhao, Qiao-Chu He and Yun Yang. Biometrika.

6. “Service Operations for Mixed Autonomous Driving: Lane Design and Cross Subsidy", with Lan Lu, Zheng Zhu, and Pengfei Guo. Production and Operations Management.

7. Zhi Pei, Lu Zhao, Xu Dai and Qiao-Chu He. “Dynamic Re-balancing Strategy in Free-Float Bicycle Sharing Systems: Orbit Queues and Two-Sided Matching." Service Science.

8. Competition between the transportation network company and the government with subsidies to public transit riders, with Zheng Zhu, Ailing Xu and Hai Yang.  Transportation Research Part E: Logistics and Transportation Review, 2021.

9. "Competitive Spatial Pricing for Urban Parking Systems: Network Structures and Asymmetric Information," with Yuguang Wu and Xin Wang.  IISE Transactions. Available at SSRN: https://ssrn.com/abstract=3293159

10. "Beyond Rebalancing: Crowd-Sourcing and Geo-Fencing for Shared-Mobility Systems," with Tiantian Nie, Yun Yang and Zuo-Jun Shen.  Production and Operations Management, accepted. https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/poms.13442

11. "Integrated Design of Unmanned Aerial Mobility Network: A Data-Driven Risk-Averse Approach," with Wenjuan Hou, Tao Fang and Zhi Pei. Accepted at International Journal of Production Economics, 2021. Available at: http://arxiv.org/abs/2004.13000 

12. “Equilibrium analyses and operational designs of a coupled market with substitutive and complementary ride-sourcing services to public transits",  with Jintao Ke, Zheng Zhu and Hai Yang.  Transportation Research Part E: Logistics and Transportation Review, 2021.

13. “Poverty Mitigation via Solar Panel Adoption: Smart Contracts and Targeted Subsidy Design,” with Qiaozhen Guo and et al., Omega, the International Journal of Management Science, 2021.

14. Zhuo Feng, Qiao-Chu He and Guangrui Ma. “Mitigating poverty through solar panels adoption under public-private partnership,” with Zhuo Feng and Guangrui Ma. Decision Science, 2021.

15.  “On-demand service delivery under asymmetric information: priority pricing, market selections and horizontal substitutions," with Xiaoshuai Fan, Ying-Ju Chen and Hai Yang.  Accepted at International Journal of Production Economics, 2021.

16. “Smart Energy Storage Management via Information System Design”, with Yun Yang, Lingquan Bai and Baosen Zhang.  Energy Economics (2020).

17. “A better buy-one-give-one business model,” with Pi-Ying Yen, Ying-Ju Chen. Naval Research Logistics (2020).

18. Qiao-Chu He, Ying-Ju Chen, and Rhonda Righter. “Learning with projection effects in service operations systems.” Production and Operations Management, (2020).

19. Zhong, Xiang, Ailing Xu, Qiaochu He, and Aditya Mahadev Prakash. "Modeling and Analysis of E-Consults in Primary-Specialty Care Referrals." IEEE Transactions on Automation Science and Engineering (2020). 

20.  Aditya Prakash, Qiao-Chu He and Xiang Zhong. “Incentive-driven readmission management with patients facing compliance barriers."  IIE Transactions on Healthcare Systems Engineering (2019).

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27. Zhang et al. "A study on the method for cleaning and repairing the probe vehicle data." IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems 14, no. 1 (2013): 419-427.


Selected Working Papers:

28. “Incentivizing Compliance Behaviors with Investment Goods in Pandemic Preparedness and Resilience”. With Ailing Xu, Ying-Ju Chen and Zuo-Jun Shen, submitted.

29. “Information Transparency with Targeting Technology for Online Service Operations Platform", with Ailing Xu and et al., submitted.

30. “Decentralized Scheduling in Edge Computing Paradigm: End-to-End Decision Analytics and Price-of-Anarchy", with Wenjuan Hou and Zuo-Jun Shen, submitted.