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LIU Hongmei
Research Associate Professor

Dr. Hongmei Liu, research associate Professor, Department of Biomedical Engineering, Southern University of science and technology. She obtained Ph. D. degree from Institute of Process Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2015. The main research interest is focus on the nanoparticle design to delivery drugs for tumor treatment. She has published 26 academic papers in the international well-known journals such as Biomaterials, Theranostics, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, Advanced Healthcare Materials. Authorized 5 Chinese invention patents.


09/2011-01/2015 Institute of Process Engineering, Chinese Academy of Science, Beijing, China Ph.D. Candidate, National Key Laboratory of Biochemical Engineering Advisor: Prof. Xin Zhang

09/2005-07/2008 Northeast Agricultural University, Harbin, China Master of Botany, Advisor: Prof. Xuedong Wang

09/2001-07/2005 Harbin Normal University, Harbin, China Bachelor of Biological Sciences

Professional Experience

07/2021-Now Research associate Professor, Department of Biomedical Engineering, Southern University of science and technology.

01/2015-07/2021 Associate Professor, Institute of Nervous System Diseases, Xuzhou Medical University

08/2008-07/2011 Assistant Experimentalist, Experimental Center, Jilin Medical College

Major Awards

Jiangsu  Science and Technology Award, First Prize, 2020

Jiangsu Medicine Science and Technology Progress Award, First Prize, 2020


Research Interests

 Design/construction of micro-nano robot for tumor therapy

 Design/construction of drug delivery system for tumor therapy

Selected Publications 

1.Feng Qian#, Yuhan Han#, Zhengzhong Han, Deyun Zhang, Long Zhang, Gang Zhao, Shanshan Li, Guoliang Jin, Rutong Yu*, Hongmei Liu*, In situ implantable, post-trauma microenvironment-responsive, ROS depletion hydrogels for the treatment of traumatic brain injury, Biomaterials, 2021, 270: 120675. (IF: 12.479)

2.Yufu Zhu#, Jun Jia#, Gang Zhao#, Xuyang Huang, Lansheng Wang, Yongkang Zhang, Long Zhang, Naveena Konduru, Jun Xie, Rutong Yu*, Hongmei Liu*, Multi-responsive nanofibers composite gel for local drug delivery to inhibit recurrence of glioma after operation, Journal of Nanobiotechnology, 2021, 19: 198. (IF: 10.435)

3.Zeqi Zhao#, Zhengzhong Han#, Konduru Naveena#, Guanxiong Lei, Shiwei Qiu,

Xuanyi Li, Ting Li, Xi Shi, Wei Zhuang, Yalan Li, Yuehua Qiao*, Hongmei Liu*,

ROS-responsive nanoparticle as a berberine carrier for OHC-targeted therapy of noise-induced hearing loss. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2021, 13(6): 7102-7114. (IF: 9.229) 

4.Haoyue Xu#, Yuhan Han#, Gang Zhao#, Long Zhang, Zongren Zhao, Zhen Wang, Liang Zhao, Lei Hu, KONDURU Naveena, Jun Lu*, Rutong Yua*, Hongmei Liu* Hypoxia-responsive lipid-polymer nanoparticle combined imaging-guided surgery and multi-therapy strategies for glioma. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2020, 12, 52319-52328. (IF: 9.229)

5.Zongren Zhao#, Jiawei Shen#, Long Zhang#, Lansheng Wang, Haoyue Xu, Yuhan Han, Jun Jia, Yang Lu, Rutong Yu*, Hongmei Liu*, Injectable postoperative enzyme-responsive hydrogels for reversing temozolomide resistance and reducing local recurrence after glioma operation, Biomaterials Science, 2020, 8: 5306-5316.  (IF: 6.843)

6.Lei Hua#, Zhen Wang#, Liang Zhao#, Honglin Mao, Guanghui Wang, Kairuo Zhang, Xuejiao Liu, Dongmei Wu, Yuanlin Zheng, Jun Lu*, Rutong Yu*, Hongmei Liu*, Hypoxia-responsive lipid-poly-(hypoxic radiosensitized polyprodrug) nanoparticles for glioma chemo- and radiotherapy, Theranostics, 2018, 8(18): 5088-5105. (IF: 11.556)

7.Honglin Mao#, Yandong Xie#, Haichen Ju#, Hongsen Mao, Liang Zhao, Wang Zhen, Hua Lei, Chunming Zhao, Yuling Li*, Rutong Yu*, Hongmei Liu*, Design of tumor microenvironment responsive drug-drug micelle for cancer radio-chemotherapy, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2018, 10(40): 33923-33935. (IF: 9.229)

8.Hongmei Liu#, Yandong Xie#, Yafei Zhang, Yifan Cai, Baiyang Li, Honglin Mao, Yingguo Liu, Jun Lu, Longzhen Zhang, Rutong Yu*, Development of a hypoxia-triggered and hypoxic radiosensitized liposome as a doxorubicin carrier  to promote synergetic chemo-/radio-therapy for glioma, Biomaterials, 2017, 121: 130-143. (IF: 12.479)

9.Hongmei Liu#, Yifan Cai#, Yafei Zhang#, Yandong Xie, Hui Qiu, Lei Hua, Xuejiao Liu, Yuling Li, Jun Lu, Longzhen Zhang*, Rutong Yu*, Development of a hypoxic radiosensitizer prodrug liposome delivery DNA repair inhibitor Dbait combination with radiotherapy for glioma therapy, Advanced Healthcare Materials, 2017, 6(12): 1601377. (IF: 9.993)

10.Hongmei Liu, Yan Li, Mozhi Anbu, Liang Zhang, Yilan Liu, Xia Xu, Jianmin Xing, Xingjie Liang, Guanghui Ma, Jun Yang, Xin Zhang*. SiRNA-phospholipid conjugates for gene and drug delivery in cancer treatment, Biomaterials, 2014, 35: 6519-6533. (IF: 12.479)