Jiefei Chen
Associate Professor

Jiefei Chen, Joint Associate Professor of SIQSE and Physics Department.Research area include quantum optics and atomic, molecular and optical physics. Research projects include national science foundation in precision measurement, quantum control etc. Representative works include, observation of single photon precursor, generation and manipulation of narrowband time-frequency entangled photon pairs, pure single photon state from time-frequency entangled photon pars.

Research Field

Atomic, molecular and optical physics, Experimental quantum optics


Educational Background

2003/09- 2007/06, Bachelor, Physics,Sun Yat-Sen University

2007/09-2009/01 Master of Philosophy (Physics), Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

2009/02-2012/02 Doctor of Philosophy (Physics), Hong Kong University of Science and Technology


Working Experience

2012.03-2019.05 Research Professor,East China Normal University


Papers and Patents

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