DONG Lunhong
Teaching Professor

Professional Experience

1997~ 2000:  Teacher, Head of the teaching and research section in fresh man.  Tsinghua University. Beijing

2002~2012:  Associate Professor, Professor ,Deputy Head & Party Brach Secretary. Shenzhen Polytechnic.

2012~2015:  Professor ,Vice president, Institute of Physical Education,Changzhou Univeristy,  Changzhou, Jiangsu.

2015-2017: Professor ,president, Institute of Physical Education,Guangdong Institute of Petroleum and Chemical Industry.

2017-: Teaching Professor, Director, Sports Centre , Southern University of Science and Technology.

Educational Background

Sep.1999~ Jun.2002   School of Physical Education, Beijing Sports University. PhD Education, major in Basketball.

Sep.1994~Jun.1997   School of Physical Education, Wuhan Institute of Physical Education. M.Ed, major in theories of sports training.

Sep.1988~June.1992   Department of Physical Education.  Central China Normal University. Bachelor of Education Degree, major in Track and Field.

Membership in Professional Association

Committee Member, Sports Teaching Steering Committee, Guangdong.

Committee member . The sports computer application, China. Committee Member . School Sports Science of China.

Secretary General, Higher vocational and technical education.

The deputy secretary general of higher vocational and technical education in sports, also granted for the director of the coach committee.

Managing director, the physical education of higher vocational and technical education, ten cities in the southwest.

Member of standing committee of sports federation, Guangdong.

Vice President of sports science, Shenzhen.

Member of standing director of sports, Shenzhen.

Vice president of sports science, Nanshan, Shenzhen.