TIAN Yanqing
Deputy Head

His research interests include the synthesis and application of liquid crystals, optical sensors, and block copolymers as functional materials for display materials, optical storage, biosensing, bioimaging and drug delivery.

Fluorescent sensors:Fluorescent sensors have been widely used in the fields of medical health care, diagnosis, biological research, food safety, agriculture, industry, aerospace, and information. We will synthesize new types of organic and polymeric fluorescent sensors with high selectivity, stability, sensitivity as well as multi-functionality for simultaneously detecting a plurality of analytes. We will apply these sensors with an integration of various sensing devices to enable their wide applicability.

Drug delivery carriers: We will develop new drug delivery and release materials. From the materials view, we will focus on the materials with low toxicity, high drug loading capacity, excellent biodegradability, and controlled release function. Through the design and fine tune of structures, we will develop new advanced materials possessing high tumor inhibition and targeting abilities.

Multifunctional imaging probes: we will develop new multi-functional imaging probes with the properties of fluorescence, sensing, magnetic resonance imaging, and/or two-photon absorption.