XU ZongXiang
Associate Professor

Dr. ZongXiang Xu is an Associate Professor in Chemistry Department of Southern University of Science and Technology. Dr. Xu received his B.S. and M.S. in Chemistry from Xiamen University. In 2008 he received PhD Degree with Prof. ChiMing Che in Chemistry from the University of Hong Kong, where he completed postdoctoral research between 2009-2010. After that he joined Department of Physics and Materials Science in City University of Hong Kong with Dr. Roy VAL, worked as Senior Research Assistant, Research Fellow and Senior Research Fellow between 2010-2012. Dr. Xu has more than 12 years of research experience in design, synthesis characterization of organic/inorganic semiconductor materials and application in optoelectronic devices. He has authored and coauthored 50 papers (with total SCI citation = 720, h-index = 15) in peer reviewed international journals. Dr. Xu holds membership of SPIE, Chemical Society of China, selected as Editorial Board Member of Scientific Reports. Dr. Xu lectures General Chemistry (English), “Nanomaterials Synthesis and Application”(English), “Organic Electronic Materials and Devices”(English) and “Experimental Physical Chemistry”. Now Dr. Xu is running 5 research project with funding of ~ 8 million RMB. His research is focused on molecular materials design and application on new energy harvesting, such as organic solar cell, organic light-emitting diode and perovskite solar cell.


Representative Publicaitons

  1. 代表性论文
    1. Q. K. Hu, E. Rezaee, L. Dong, Q. S. Dong, H. Q. Shan, Q. Chen, M. Z. Li, S. Y. Cai, L. D. Wang, Z. X. Xu*; Molecularly Designed Zinc (II) Phthalocyanine Derivative as Dopant-Free Hole-Transporting Material of Planar Perovskite Solar Cell with Preferential Face-on Orientation; Solar RRL, 2019, 1900182. (Highlighted as Inside Cover)
    2. Y. M. Feng, Q. K. Hu, E. Rezaee, M. Z. Li, Z. X. Xu*, A. Lorenzoni, F. Mercuri, M Muccini*; High Performance and Stable Perovskite Solar Cells Based on Dopant-Free Arylamine-Substituted Copper (II) Phthalocyanine Hole-Transporting Materials; Advanced Energy Materials, 2019, 9, 1901019. (Highlighted as Back Cover)
    3. X. Y. Liu, Y. L. Wang, E. Rezaee, Q. Chen, Y. M. Feng, X. Z. Sun, L. Dong, Q. K. Hu, C. Li, Z. X. Xu*; Tetra-Propyl-Substituted Copper (II) Phthalocyanine as Dopant-Free Hole Transporting Material for Planar Perovskite Solar Cells; Solar RRL, 2018, 2, 1800050. (Highlighted as Back Cover and by Materials Views)
    4. G. Yang, Y. L. Wang, J. J. Xu, H. W. Lei, C. Chen, H. Q. Shan, X. Y. Liu, Z. X. Xu*, G. J. Fang*; A Facile Molecularly Engineered Copper (II) Phthalocyanine as Hole Transport Material for Planar Perovskite Solar Cells with Enhanced Performance and Stability; Nano Energy, 2017, 31, 322-330.
    5. X. L. Zheng, Y. L. Wang, J. H. Hu, G. Yang, Z. Guo, J. L. Xia, Z. X. Xu*, G. J. Fang*; Octamethyl-Substituted Pd(II) Phthalocyanine with Long Carrier Lifetime as A Dopant-Free Hole Selective Material for Performance Enhancement of Perovskite Solar Cells; Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 2017, 5, 24416-24424.