HUA Mengyuan
Assistant Professor

Prof. Hua has been doing research on GaN-based power device, including device fabrication, material characterization, device physics study, and reliability/stability investigation. She has published 40+ high-quality journal and conference papers on IEEE EDL, IEEE TED, Nano Energy, IEDM, ISPSD, et.. Prof. Hua has joined SUSTech since Sep. 2018 and focuses on next generation wide-bandgap semiconductor device research.


  • 2013-2017 PhD, in Electronic and Computer Engineering, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST)
  • 2009-2013 B.Sc. in Physics, Tsinghua University

Working Experiences

  • 2018.9-now Assistant Professor in SUSTech
  • 2017.9-2018.9 Postdoctoral Fellowship in HKUST

Research Introduction

  • Wide-bandgap semiconductor device
  • GaN power device
  • Fabrication and process
  • Semiconductor device physics
  • 2D device simulation and modeling
  • Reliability and stability

Awards & Honors

  • Best Young Researcher (Charitat Award), 2017 IEEE ISPSD


  1. M. Hua,J. Wei, Q. Bao, Z. Zhang, J. He, Z. Zheng, J. Lei, and K. J. Chen, "Reverse-Bias Stability and Reliability of Hole-Barrier-Free E-mode LPCVD-SiNx/GaN MIS-FETs," 2017 Int. Electron Device Meeting (IEDM 2017),San Francisco, CA, USA, Dec. 2-6, 2017.
  2. M. Hua, Z. Zhang, J. Wei, J. Lei, G. Tang, K. Fu, Y. Cai, B. Zhang, and K. J. Chen, "Integration of LPCVD-SiNxGate Dielectric with Recessed-gate E-mode GaN MIS-FETs: Toward High Performance, High Stability and Long TDDB Lifetime," 2016 Int. Electron Device Meeting (IEDM 2016), San Francisco, CA, USA, Dec. 5-7, 2016.
  3. M. Hua, Z. Zhang, Q. Qian, J. Wei, Q. Bao, G. Tang, and K. J. Chen, "High-performance Fully-recessed Enhancement-mode GaN MIS-FETs with Crystalline Oxide Interlayer," 2017 Int. Symp. On Power Semiconductor Devices and ICs(ISPSD’17)Charitat Award,Sapporo, Japan, May 28-June 1, 2017.
  4. M. Hua, J. Wei, Q. Bao, Z. Zhang, Z. Zheng, and K. J. Chen, "Dependence of VTHStability on Gate-Bias under Reverse-Bias Stress in E-mode GaN MIS-FET,"IEEE Elec. Dev. Lett., vol. 39, no. 3, pp. 413–416, Jan. 2018.
  5. M. Hua, J. Wei, G. Tang, Z. Zhang, X. Cai, N. Wang, and K. J. Chen, "Normally-off LPCVD-SiNx/GaN MIS-FET with Crystalline Oxidation Interlayer,"IEEE Elec. Dev. Lett., vol. 38, no. 7, pp. 929–932, Jul. 2017.
  6. M. Hua, Y. Lu, S. Liu, C. Liu, K. Fu, Y. Cai, B. Zhang, and K. J. Chen, "Compatibility of AlN/SiNxPassivation With LPCVD-SiNxGate Dielectric in GaN-Based MIS-HEMT," IEEE Elec. Dev. Lett., vol. 37, No. 3, pp. 265-268, 2016.
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  8. M. Hua, C. Liu, S. Yang, S. Liu, K. Fu, Z. Dong, Y. Cai, B. Zhang, and K. J. Chen, " GaN-Based Metal-Insulator-Semiconductor High-Electron-Mobility Transistors Using Low Pressure Chemical Vapor Deposition Silicon Nitride (LPCVD-SiNx) as Gate Dielectric," IEEE Elec. Dev. Lett., vol. 36, No. 5, pp. 448-450, 2015.

Recruitment Announcement

Prof. Hua’s group recruits research assistant professors, post-doc researchers, research assistants, Ph.D. students, master students, as well as undergraduate interns. Visiting scholars and students are also welcome. Please contact Prof. Hua directly via email (huamy@sustc.edu.cn) if interested in any of the above positions.

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