JI Shengjian
Associate Professor

Professional Experience:
◆ 2014-present, SUSTC, associate professor
◆ 2008-2014, Weill Medical College of Cornell University, postdcotoral associate, research associate and assistant research professor
◆ 2003-2007, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, postdoctoral fellow

Educational Background:
◆ 1998-2003, Peking University, Doctor of Science (Ph.D.)
◆ 1994-1998, Yantai University, B.S.

Honors & Awards:
◆ 2011, National Natural Science Award of China, The Second Prize (ranking the 3rd in our awardee team)
◆ 2008, University Scientific Research Awards, The First Prize in Natural Science, by Ministry of Education of China (ranking the 4th in our awardee team)
◆ 2003, The Ten Most Academically Outstanding Graduate Students of Peking University

Selected Publication:
◆ Sheng-Jian Ji, Samie R. Jaffrey. (2014) Axonal transcription factors: Novel regulators of growth cone-to-nucleus signaling. Developmental Neurobiology 74 (3): 245-258. Invited review.
◆ Dilek Colak, Sheng-Jian Ji, Bo Torben Porse, Samie R. Jaffrey. (2013) Regulation of axon guidance by nonsense-mediated mRNA decay. Cell 153 (6): 1252-1265. Previewed in the same issue and reported by SciGuru Science News, Neuroscience News et al.
◆ Sheng-Jian Ji, Samie R. Jaffrey. (2012) Intra-axonal translation of SMAD1/5/8 mediates retrograde regulation of trigeminal ganglia subtype specification. Neuron 74 (1): 95-107. Previewed in the same issue and selected for Neuron Video Abstract by Cell Press. Editor’s Choice by Science Signaling on April 17, 2012.
◆ Breset A. Walker *, Sheng-Jian Ji *, Samie R. Jaffrey. (2012) Intra-axonal translation of RhoA promotes axon growth inhibition by CSPG. Journal of Neuroscience 32 (41): 14442-14447. (* equal contribution)
◆ Sheng-Jian Ji, Goran Periz, Shanthini Sockanathan. (2009) Nolz1 is induced by retinoid signals and controls motoneuron subtype identity through distinct repressor activities. Development 136 (2): 231-240.
◆ Sheng-Jian Ji *, Binquan Zhuang *, Crystal Falco, André Schneider, Karin Schuster-Gossler, Achim Gossler, Shanthini Sockanathan. (2006) Mesodermal and neuronal retinoids regulate the induction and maintenance of forelimb spinal motor neuron subtype identity. Developmental Biology 297 (1): 249-261. (* equal contribution)
◆ Sheng-Jian Ji, Ying-Chun Lu, Jian-Xun Feng, Gang Wei, Jun Li, Yong-Hui Shi, Qiang Fu, Di Liu, Jing-Chu Luo, Yu-Xian Zhu. (2003) Isolation and analyses of genes preferentially expressed during early cotton fiber development by subtractive PCR and cDNA array. Nucleic Acids Research 31 (10): 2534-2543.

Other Info:
There are opening positions in levels of postdoctoral fellow, research assistant and graduate student in my lab. Students with background in molecular biology, neuroscience, developmental biology and related fields are encouraged to apply.