LIU Yungen
Research Associate Professor

Research education background
March, 2017 – present Research Associate Professor, SUSTech
Oct. 2011 – Feb. 2017 Research Officer,The University of Hong Kong
May 2010 – Sept. 2011 Research Associate,The University of Hong Kong
May 2008 – May 2010 Postdoctoral Fellow, The University of Hong Kong
Jul. 2007 – May 2008 Research Assistant I,The University of Hong Kong
Feb. 2003 – Jan. 2007 Ph.D.,The University of Hong Kong
Sept. 1999 – Jun. 2002 Master,Lanzhou University, Gansu, China
Sept. 1995 – Jun. 1999 Bachelor,Lanzhou University, Gansu, China


Research Fields
Catalytical Chemistry a) Transition metal catalyzed inactive C-H bond functionalization
b) Green Chemistry
Natural Products and Chemical Biology c) Natural products synthesis, modification and bio-activities study
d) Proteomics, Cell biology
e) Mechanism study on anticancer drugs
f) Anticancer drug formulation
Research Topics
Catalytical Chemistry a) Iron catalyzed inactive C-H bond functionalization
b) Application of amination reaction in organic synthesis
Natural Products and Chemical Biology c) Anticancer targets of artemisinin derivatives
d) Anticancer mechanism of Beberine
e) Anticancer drug formulation


Publications (in the past 5 years)
1) Hu, Di; Liu, Yungen (co-first author); Lai, Yau-Tsz; Tong, Ka-Chung; Fung, Yi-Man; Lok, Chun-Nam; Che, Chi-Ming. “Anticancer Gold(III) Porphyrins Target Mitochondrial Chaperone Hsp60”, Angewandte Chemie, International Edition 2016, 55, 1387–1391.
2) Zang, Chao; Liu, Yungen (co-first author); Xu, Zhen-Jiang; Tse, Chun-Wai; Guan, Xiangguo; Wei, Jinhu; Huang, Jie-Sheng; Che, Chi-Ming. “Iron Catalyzed Highly Enantioselective cis-Dihydroxylation of Alkenes with Hydrogen Peroxide as Oxidant and Alkenes in Limiting Amount: Fe(III)-(OOH) Reactive Intermediate”, Angewandte Chemie, International Edition 2016, 55, 10253-10257.
3) Liu, Yungen; Chen, Guo-Qiang; Tse, Chun-Wai; Guan, Xianguo; Xu, Zheng-Jiang; Huang, Jie-Sheng; Che, Chi-Ming. “[Fe(F20TPP)Cl]-Catalyzed Amination with Arylamines and {[Fe(F20TPP)(NAr)](PhI=NAr)}+∙ Intermediate Assessed by High-Resolution ESI-MS and DFT Calculations”, Chemistry – An Asian Journal 2015, 10, 100–105.
4) Shing, Ka-Pan; Liu, Yungen; Cao, Bei; Chang, Xiao-Yong; You, Tingjie; Che, Chi-Ming, “N-Heterocyclic Carbene Iron(III) Porphyrin-Catalyzed Intramolecular C(sp3)-H Amination of Alkyl Azides”, Angewandte Chemie, International Edition 2018, 57, 11947-11951.
5) Tse, Chun-Wai; Liu, Yungen; Chow, Toby Wai-Shan; Ma, Chaoqun; Yip, Wing-Ping; Chang, Xiao-Yong; Low, Kam-Hung; Huang, Jie-Sheng; Che, Chi-Ming, “cis-Oxoruthenium complexes supported by chiral tetradentate amine (N4) ligands for hydrocarbon oxidations”, Chemical Science 2018, 9, 2803–2816.
6) Shing, Ka-Pan; Cao, Bei; Liu, Yungen; Lee, Hung Kay; Li, Ming-De; Phillips, David Lee; Chang, Xiao-Yong; Che, Chi-Ming, “Arylruthenium(III) Porphyrin-Catalyzed C-H Oxidation and Epoxidation at Room Temperature and [RuV(Por)(O)(Ph)] Intermediate by Spectroscopic Analysis and Density Functional Theory Calculations”, Journal of the American Chemical Society 2018, 140, 7032.
7) Sy, Lai-King; Lok, Chun-Nam; Wang, Juan-Yu; Liu,Yungen; Cheng, Lu; Wan, Pui-Ki; Leung, Chi-Ting; Cao, Bei; Kwong, Wai-Lun; Chang, Raymond Chuen-Chung; Chi-Ming Che. “Identification of “sarsasapogenin-aglyconed” timosaponins as novel Aβ lowering modulators of amyloid precursor protein (APP) processing”, Chemical Science 2016, 7, 3206–3214.
8) Yuan, Jia; To, Wai-Pong; Zhang, Zi-Yang; Yue, Chang-Duo; Meng, Sixuan; Chen, Jian; Liu, Yungen; Yu, Guang-Ao; Che, Chi-Ming Che. “Visible-Light-Promoted Transition-Metal-Free Phosphinylation of Heteroaryl Halides in the Presence of Potassium tert-Butoxide” Organic Letters 2018, 20, 7816–7820.


Research Funding
1) Science and Technology Innovation Committee of Shenzhen Municipality Basic Research Program, “preparation and anticancer study of N-Oxides of alkaloids”, 2018.4-2020.3, 500,000 RMB;
2) National Natural Science Foundation of China, “Iron complexes catalyzed amination of saturated C-H bonds and the applications in organic syntesis”, 2019.1-2022.12, 650,000 RMB;
3) National Natural Science Foundation of China (Jiont Program), “chiral iron complexes catalyzed asymmetric oxidation, amination and asymmetric addition reaction with iron complexes as Lewis acids”, 2019.1-2022.12, 118,5000 RMB.