LU Hongxing
Research Assistant Professor

LU Hongxing received Ph.D degree in Materials science and Engineering in July 2017, and then joined SUSTech. His research area is the new lightweight materials and manufacturing technology for vehicle and communication equipment. He has joined over 10 major scientific research projects which are from Ministry of Science and Technology of China, National Natural Science Foundation of China, Science, Technology and Innovation Commission of Shenzhen. He has presided the research projects which are from STAS, Guangzhou Hede and other manufacturing companies. He has published more than ten technical papers and patents.

Research Area:
New lightweight materials and manufacturing technology for vehicle and communication equipment: New alloy design, Theory & technology of semi-solid process, Lightweight design and manufacturing for components;

Work Experience:
◆ Aug. 2020-present,
Southern University of Science and Technology, Department of Mechanical and Energy Engineering
Research Assistant Professor

◆ Jul. 2017-Jul. 2020
Southern University of Science and Technology, School of Innovation ans Entrepreneurship
Research Assistant Professor

◆ Jul. 2017, Ph.D. MSE, General Research Institute for Non-ferrous Metals, Beijing, China
◆ Dec. 2012, B.E. MSE, Beihang University, Beijing, China

Professional Recognition:
◆ 2015 Best Paper of GRINM 2015 Annual Academic Conference, General Research Institute for Non-ferrous Metals (GRINM).
◆ 2012 Excellent undergraduate thesis, Beihang University.

Representative Books and Papers:
◆ Gan Li, Cheng Guo, Wenfeng Guo, Hongxing Lu, Linju Wen, Xiaogang Hu, Qiang Zhu(*). Influence of Selective Laser Melting Process Parameters on Densification Behavior, Surface Quality and Hardness of 18Ni300 Steel. Key Engineering Materials. 2020, 861: 77-82.
◆ Xinwei Li, Shi Shi, Shuang Han, Xiaogang Hu, Qiang Zhu(*), Hongxing Lu, Wenwu Li, Yusheng Shi, Hui Ding. Microstructure, solidification behavior and mechanical properties of Al-Si-Mg-Ti/TiC fabricated by selective laser melting. Additive Manufacturing. 2020, 34: 101326.
◆ Gan Li, Hongxing Lu, Min Luo, Wenying Qu, Xiaogang Hu, Qiang Zhu(*). Research progress of semi-solid rheo-forming of aluminum alloy. Journal of Netshape Forming Engineering (Chinese). 2020, 12(3): 29-48.
◆ Gan Li., Hongxing Lu(*), Xiaogang Hu, Feng Lin, Xinwei Li, Qiang Zhu(*). Current Progress in Rheoforming of Wrought Aluminum Alloys: A Review. Metals. 2020, 10(2): 238.
◆ Wenying Qu, Min Luo, Zhipeng Guo, Xiaogang Hu, Ang Zhang, Fan Zhang(*), Hongxing Lu, Yongzhong Zhang, Daquan Li. Microstructural evolution mechanism of semi-solid slurry: a study using Phase-Field-Lattice-Boltzmann scheme. Journal of Materials Processing Technology. 2020, 280: 116592.
◆ Gan Li, Hongxing Lu, Xiaogang Hu, Qiang Zhu(*). Numerical Simulation of Slurry Making Process of 7075 Aluminum Alloy under Electromagnetic Field in Rheocasting Process. Solid State Phenomena. 2019, 285: 373-379.
◆ Le Cheng, Hongxing Lu, Qiang Zhu(*), Xiangkai Zhang, Aidi Shen, Peng Yang. Evolution of Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Semi-Solid Squeeze Cast A356.2 Aluminum Alloy during Heat Treatment. Solid State Phenomena. 2019, 285: 139-145.
◆ Hong-Xing Lu, Qiang Zhu(*), Stephen P. Midson, Wen-Ying Qu, Fan Zhang, Da-Quan Li. Forming conditions of blisters during solution heat treatment of Al-Si alloy semi-solid die castings. Rare Metals. 2018.
◆ Hongxing Lu, Qiang Zhu(*), Daquan Li, Fan Zhang. Floating behavior of entrapped gas in semi-solid metal. Materials Science Forum. 2017, 898: 1254-1260.
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◆ Hongxing Lu, Qiang Zhu(*), Youfeng He, Fan Zhang, Daquan Li. Study of forming mechanism of non-filling holes in blades of semi-solid cast impellers. Solid State Phenomena. 2016, 256: 314-318.
◆ Yanhong Jing, Hongxing Lu, Daquan Li, Qiang Zhu(*). Analysis on internal defect of 319s aluminum alloy impeller by semi-solid thixocasting. Materials Science Forum. 2016, 850: 219-225.
◆ Hongxing Lu, Qiang Zhu(*), Youfeng He, Daquan Li, Stephen P. Midson. Effect of casting size on microstructure and mechanical properties of thixocastings. Solid State Phenomena. 2015, 217: 45-52.
◆ X.G. Hu, Q. Zhu(*), H.X. Lu, F. Zhang, D.Q. Li, S.P. Midson. Microstructural evolution and thixoformability of semi-solid aluminum 319s alloy during re-melting. Journal of Alloys and Compounds. 2015, 649: 204-210.
◆ Guangzhong Wang(*), Daquan Li, Kang Du, Hongxing Lu, Xiaojing Xu, Qiang Zhu. Effect of Zr element and cooling rate on solidification structure of Mg-12Sm alloy. Materials Reports (Chinese). 2015, 29(06): 111-113.