Assistant Professor

20 years of experience in the financial sector and experience. Deep understanding of financial theory and market. From the undergraduate of Sun Yat-Sen University's international finance major, he has continued his studies and obtained an MBA in Finance from the Tsinghua-Hong Kong Chinese University Program and a Ph.D. in Finance from Washington State University. More than 15 years of experience in the financial industry, mutual proof with theoretical studies. Among them, the insurance industry has more than 12 years of experience, and has been engaged in management work in many large companies such as Xincheng Life Insurance, Sino-British Life Insurance, and Ruitai Life Insurance, involving insurance actuarial, financial investment, risk management and other fields, and banking, securities and other financial services. There are good interactions in other areas of the industry and actively participate in policy discussions and development at the regulatory level. Many members of the group have grown into elites in the industry and have held positions in important positions in a number of large companies.