Research Assistant Professor


Deputy Senior, is currently an Assistant Professor of Research at the Frontier and Interdisciplinary Research Institute of Southern University of Science and Technology. An internationally renowned young microbiologist, who won the 2011 European Microbiology Annual Meeting Young Scientist Award and the 2014 New South Wales Best Environmental Microbiology Research Award, was awarded the title of Shenzhen Overseas High-level “Peacock” Talent. Engaged in microbiology research for nearly ten years, with deep knowledge of microbiology, molecular biology and genomics. During the overseas Ph.D. and postdoctoral research work, following the latest development trend of colony microbiology, a large number of bioinformatics analysis based on metagenomic sequencing was carried out. The research area covers microbial functions in natural waters and wastewater treatment systems, symbiotic relationships between microorganisms and hosts, and association analysis of human diseases and symbiotic microorganisms.



Educational Background

B.S., Bachelor of Applied Molecular Biology. Zhejiang University, 2006.
M.S., Biophysics. Zhejiang University, 2008.
Ph.D., Doctor of Microbiology and Immunology. University of New South Wales, Australia, 2012.



Professional Experience

2012/07- 2014/10 Postdoctoral Fellow, Senior Water Management Center, University of Queensland, Australia

2014/10-2015/11 Shenzhen Huada Gene Research Institute, senior project leader

2017/11 -present, Assistant Professor of Research, SUSTech




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