GU Qiangshuai
Research Assistant Professor
0755-8801 8389


2013  The University of Hong Kong,PhD

2008   University of Science and Technology of China,Bachelor’s Degree


Work Experience

2017-now     Southern University of Science and Technology,Academy for Advanced Interdisciplinary Studies,Research Assistant Professor

2017             Southern University of Science and Technology,Department of Chemistry,Research Assistant

2016-2017    Southern University of Science and Technology,Department of Chemistry,Visiting Scholar

2014-2016 The University of Hong Kong,Department of Chemistry,Postdoctoral Fellow

2012-2014 The University of Hong Kong,Department of Chemistry,Research Assistant


Research Areas

Research on methodology development of organic synthesis and total synthesis and derivatization of natural products and bioactive small molecules. Examine the biological activity of these molecules prepared and study the structure-activity relationship of bioactive candidates and their functioning mechanism with chemical biology tools in order for lead compounds with great potential for new drugs.



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  3. Na Wang+, Qiang-Shuai Gu+, Zhong-Liang Li, Zhuang Li, Yu-Long Guo, Zhen Guo, and X. Y. Liu*, "Direct Photocatalytic Synthesis of Medium-Sized Lactams by C–C Bond Cleavage" Angew. Chem., Int. Ed. 2018, 57, 14225. “+” Co-first Author
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  5. Yong-Feng Cheng+, Xiao-Yang Dong+, Qiang-Shuai Gu+, Zhang-Long Yu, and Xin-Yuan Liu*, "Achiral Pyridine Ligand-Enabled Enantioselective Radical Oxytrifluoromethylation of Alkenes with Alcohols" Angew. Chem., Int. Ed. 2017, 56, 8883. “+” Co-first Author