PI Sheng
Assistant Director
Music Theory Teacher
(中文) 0755-88015850

Mr. PI Sheng is a music theory teacher and the assistant director of the Art Center. He used to study in Wuhan Conservatory and Central China Normal University and received his master degree.

Mr. PI Sheng is the target training art teacher on Backbone Training Program for Ethnic Minorities. When he was at school, he won the third prize of bel canto group in Italy Roma International Music Festival, excellent party member title and the excellent graduate essay of Central China Normal University. In 2014, as the assistant of the Art Center in Central China Normal University, he planned and participated in the performance of Mozart’s opera; in 2013, he planned the performance of New Year Festival Opera and Music Concert for Central China Normal University; he plays Colas in the opera, Bastien und Bastienne, Buff in Theatre Manager; as the executive producer, he is responsible for the layout, rehearsal and media publicity work for Mozart’s opera, the Central China Normal University New Year Festival and Opera Center Establishment Music Concert, German Art Music Concert, Symphony Concert, World Voice Day Lecture - Cherish the most precious instruments, International Winners Chamber Music Concert, Taibei World Chinese Vocal Competition (Mainland China) in 2014, World Voice Day Lecture - The scientific vocal sound of teachers and other concerts, competitions and lectures.

From 2010 to 2011, he is the producer and director of Wuhan Huacai Shangying Culture Communication Co., Ltd. From 2007 to 2010, he is chorus conductor of Hubei Provincial Meteorological Bureau Trade Union Chorus. As a music theory teacher, he teaches professional music theory courses in Hubei Polytechnic Institute.