Research Center

In order to build a world-class scientific research base with facilities for technological exchange, SUSTech has integrated its own disciplines to build several interdisciplinary research centers, led by our leading scientists.
More than 20 interdisciplinary research centers will be constructed in phases. There are currently four research centers that have been built so far, with a number of research centers under construction.

Research Centers

Science on Micro and Nanoscale and Project Research Center

Material Property Manipulation and Applied Research Center

Advanced Electronics and Information Technology Research Center

Center for Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

Advanced Manufacturing Research Center

Institute of Marine Studies

Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

Environment and Resources Utilization Research Center

New Energy Research Center

Future City Research Center

Industrial Design and Creative Arts Center

Life Science Research Center

Biomedicine and Bio-Engineering Research Center

Center for Neuro and Cognitive Sciences

Institute of Public Health

Animal Center

Big Data and Large-Scale Computational Research Center

Functional Molecules Science & Engineering Research Center

Pico center

Soft Materials Research Center

Financial Innovation Research Center

Higher Education Research Institute


Nutrition and Aging Research Center

Neutron Science Center

Advanced Photonics Research Center