WEI, Xuetao
Associate Professor

Educational Background

◆ 2008-2013, Universiy of California, Riverside,   Ph.D.

◆ 2005-2007, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, M.S.

◆ 2001-2005, Hunan University, B.S.

Professional Experience

◆ 2019-present, Southern University of Science and Technology, Associate Professor

◆ 2014-2019, University of Cincinnati,  Assistant Professor(promoted to associate professor with tenure)

Honors & Awards

Selected Publication

1. A Behavior-Aware Profiling of Smart Contracts. SecureComm, 2019

2. An Industrial Dynamic Skyline based Similarity Joins for Multi-dimensional Big Data Applications. IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics, 2019

3. Vaccine: Obfuscating Access Pattern Against File-Injection Attacks. IEEE CNS, 2019

4. DimLoc: Enabling High-Precision Visible Light Localization under Dimmable LEDs in Smart Buildings. IEEE Internet of Things Journal, 2019

5. Communication-Efficient Data Aggregation Tree Construction for Complex Queries in IoT Applications. IEEE Internet of Things Journal, 2019

6. FAROS: Illuminating In-Memory Injection Attacks via Provenance-based Whole System Dynamic Information Flow Tracking. IEEE/IFIP DSN, 2018

7. DroidForensics: Accurate Reconstruction of Android Attacks via Multi-layer Forensic Logging. ACM AsiaCCS, 2017

8. Characterizing the Behavior of Handheld Devices and Its Implications. Elsevier Computer Networks, 2017

9. Measuring and Undersctanding RRC State Machine Optimization in Light of Recent Advancements. IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing, 2017

10. Cross-Layer Personalization as a First Class Citizen for Situation Awareness and Computer Infrastructure Security. NSPW, 2016

11. emphaSSL: Towards Emphasis as a Mechanism to Harden Networking Security in Android Apps. IEEE GLOBECOM, 2016

12. A New Eavesdropping-resilient Framework for Indoor Visible Light Communication. IEEE GLOBECOM, 2016

13. A New Virtual Network Embedding Framework based on QoS Satisfaction and Network Reconfiguration for Fiber-Wireless Access Network. IEEE ICC, 2016

14. Rethinking RRC State Machine Optimization in Light of Recent Advancements. ACM MobiCom, 2015

15. A Behavior-aware Profiling of Handheld Devices. IEEE INFOCOM, 2015

16. Joint Admission Control and Provisioning for Virtual Machine. IEEE ICC, 2015

17. Whom does Your Android App Talk to? IEEE GLOBECOM, 2015 (Featured by media outlets, e.g., ACM TechNews, Yahoo! News, Science Daily and so on)

18. Competing Memes Propagation on Networks: A Network Science Perspective. IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications, 2013

19. Entelecheia: Detecting P2P Botnets in their Waiting Stage. IFIP Networking, 2013

20. Permission Evolution in the Android Ecosystem. ACSAC, 2012

21. Malicious Android Applications in the Enterprise: What Do They Do and How Do We Fix It? . IEEE SDMSM, 2012

22. ProfileDroid: Multi-layer Profiling of Android Applications. ACM MobiCom, 2012

23. Competing Memes Propagation on Networks: A Case Study of Composite Networks. ACM SIGCOMM CCR, 2012


I am always looking for self-motivated researchers, including Postdocs, PhDs, Masters and undergraduate students,  to work on blockchain, visible light localization and AI security projects.