Research Associate Professor

Research Associate Professor 
Innovation Center for Biomedical Engineering
E-mail: zhangb3@sustech.edu.cn


Dr. ZHANG has made original contributions to the interdisciplinary field involving Chemistry, Materials Science and Medicine. His research focuses on following aspects: synthesis and application of novel plasmonic materials; rapid diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes; specific diagnosis of Zika infection; materials and methods for the preservation, isolation and detection of nucleic acids. Dr. ZHANG has over 30 publications on top rank journals, including two 1st author Nature Medicine (IF=32) paper for disease diagnosis. His total citation is 3520, H-index is 24. Dr. Zhang has served as principal investigator for 3 NIH projects, with total funding of 1.9 million USD. The research outcome from these projects has already been implemented in clinical applications. Dr. ZHANG was listed Forbes China 30 under 30, and has received silver award from Materials Research Society, and Mona Burgess Fellow from Stanford University.


Research Directions 

1. Biomarker enrichment and detection based on novel nano-materials.
2. Applications of graphene materials in the environment and life sciences.
3. Application of new chemical materials and technologies in environmental engineering.


Publications and Papers 

1. Bo Zhang (1st and Corresponding author), Benjamin A. Pinsky, Jeyarama S. Ananta, Su Zhao, Shylaja Arulkumar, Hao Wan, Malaya K. Sahoo, Janaki Abeynayake, Jesse J. Waggoner, Clay Hopes, Meijie Tang and Hongjie Dai. “Diagnosis of Zika virus infection on a nanotechnology platform” Nature Medicine, 23, 548, 2017.

2. Christelle Pomares, Bo Zhang (co-1st and Corresponding author), Shylaja Arulkumar, Geraldine Gonfrier, Pierre Marty, Su Zhao, Steven Cheng, Meijie Tang, Hongjie Dai and Jose Montoya. “Validation of IgG, IgM multiplex plasmonic gold platform in French clinical cohorts for the serodiagnosis and follow up of Toxoplasma gondii infection” Diagnostic Microbiology & Infectious Disease, 87, 213, 2017.

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