LI Xinxin
Assistant Professor

Dr. Li Xinxin received her Ph.D. in Chemical Oceanography from Texas A&M University in 2013. She applies organic biomarkers to study biogeochemical cycling of organic carbon in different marine ecosystems from estuaries, open ocean to trenches, and their relationship with marine eutrophication, hypoxia and global climate change. She is a member of American Geophysical Union (AGU) and the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). She has 15 peer-reviewed papers published in well-known academic journals in marine science, such as Marine Chemistry, JGR-Biogeosciences, Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta etc.


Educational background

2013 Ph.D, Chemical Oceanography, Texas A&M University

2008 M.S. Marine Chemistry, Ocean University of China

2005 B.S. Chemistry, Qingdao University


Professional Experience

2016-present Assistant Professor, Department of Ocean Science and engineering, Southern University of Science and Technology, China

2013-2016  Post Doctoral Research Associate, Texas A&M University

2010-2012 Teaching Assistant and Instructor, Department of Oceanography, Texas A&M University

2008-2010 Research Assistant, Department of Oceanography, Texas A&M University


Papers and patents

⁎ 通讯作者

# 共同第一作者

1) Xi Mei#, Xinxin Li#,*, Zhongbo Wang*, Chuanlun Zhang, Yong Zhang, 2019, Cross shelf transport of terrigenous organic matter in surface sediments from outer shelf to Okinawa Trough in East China Sea. Journal of Marine systems. Accepted.

2) Penghui Li⁎, Jianchang Tao, Jian Lin, Chen He, Quan Shi, Xinxin Li*, Chuanlun Zhang, 2019, Stratification of dissolved organic matter in the upper 2000 m water column at the Mariana Trench. Science of the Total Environment, 668, 1222–1231.

3) Wenpeng Li, Chunru Liu, Gongming Yin, Chuanyi Wei, Jianping Li, Xinxin Li, 2018. Effect of high temperature baking on characteristics of quartz electron spin resonance (ESR) signal-taking Datong volcanic baking layer as an example. Journal of Earth Environment, 9(6), 599-606 (In Chinese).

4) Xinxin Li, Zhaoru Zhang,Terry L. Wade, Anthony H. Knap, Chuanlun L. Zhang, 2017, Sources and compositional distribution of organic carbon in surface sediments from the lower Pearl River to the coastal South China Sea. JGR-Biogeosciences, 122, 2104–2117.

5) Michio Aoyama et al. (a total of 72 coauthors). 2016, IOCCP-JAMSTEC 2015 inter-laboratory calibration exercise of a certified reference material for nutrients in seawater. Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology, International Standard Book, 978-4-901833-23-3.

6) Schüller, S., T. Bianchi, Xinxin. Li, M. Allison, and C. Savage. 2015, Historical reconstruction of phytoplankton composition in estuaries of fiordland, New Zealand: the application of plant pigment biomarkers. Estuaries and Coasts, 38, 56-71.

7) Xinxin Li, T.S. Bianchi, M.A. Allison, L.E. Osterman, P. Chapman, and GP Yang. 2013. Historical reconstruction of organic carbon decay and preservation in sediments on the East China Sea shelf. Journal of Geophysical Research-Biogeosciences, 118(3), 1079-1093.

8) T.S. Bianchi, M.A. Allison, J Zhao, Xinxin Li, R. S. Comeaux, R. A. Feagin, and R.W. Kulawardhana. 2013. Historical Reconstruction of mangrove expansion in the Gulf of Mexico: linking climate change with carbon sequestration in coastal wetlands. Continental Shelf Research, 119, 7-16.

9) Xinxin Li, T.S. Bianchi, M.A. Allison, P. Chapman, S. Mitra, Zhaoru Zhang, GP Yang and ZG Yu. 2012. Composition, abundance and age of total organic carbon in surface sediments from the inner shelf of the East China Sea. Marine Chemistry, 145-147, 37-52.

10) Jun Zhao, T.S. Bianchi, Xinxin Li, M.A. Allison, Yao, P. & Yu, ZG. 2012. Historical eutrophication in the Changjiang and Mississippi delta-front estuaries: Stable sedimentary chloropigments as biomarkers. Continental Shelf Research, 47, 133-144.

11) Richard W. Smith, T.S. Bianchi, Xinxin Li. 2012. A re-evaluation of the use of branched GDGTs as terrestrial biomarkers: Implications for the BIT and TEX86 Indices. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 80(1), 14-29.

12) Xinxin Li, T.S. Bianchi, ZS Yang, L.E. Osterman, M.A. Allison, S.F. DiMarco and GP Yang.2011. Historical trends of hypoxia in Changjiang River estuary: applications of chemical biomarkers and microfossils. Journal of Marine Systems, 86(3-4), 57-68.

13) Gui-Peng Yang, Qiang Chen, Xinxin Li, Xiao-Yan Cao, 2010. Study on the sorption behaviors of Tween-80 on marine sediments. Chemosphere, 79(11): 1019-1025.

14) Xinxin Li, Guipeng Yang, Xiaoyan Cao. 2008. Sorption behaviors of sodium dodecylbenzene sulfonate (SDBS) on marine sediments. Water, Air & Soil Pollution, 194, 23-30.

15) GP Yang, Xinxin Li, XY Cao. 2008. Sorption behaviors of Tween20 on marine sediments. Periodical of Ocean University of China, 38(2), 309-314 (In Chinese).


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